1985 Toyota Corona Coupe 2000 GT-R

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Out of the car production bonanza that was 1980s Japan comes another slightly different JDM only variant of a popular model. 

The Toyota Corona Coupe first appeared in 1985, with a bodyshell similar to the ST160 Celica, but with a more upmarket image. Parts sharing continued across models from the already mentioned Celica and also the Carina ED, all sharing the 3S-GELU engine and all using the same platform. Basically it could be said that the Corona Coupe was a restyling execise giving consumers in the 1980s a mind-boggling array of choices… “Would you like your Corona in FF or FR? Coupe or sedan? Sporty or upmarket?”

Three engines were available, a 4A-GE 1.6L, 1S-iLU 1.8L and 3S-GE 2.0L, with the top of the line GT-R getting the 3S-GE twin cam. The 1.6L 4A-GELU, as good as it was, wasn’t large enough to move the Corona Coupe at a decent pace so the GT-R version with the 2.0L 3S-GELU became the most sought after model. The 1.8L 1S-iLU SOHC engine with 115ps (78kw) wasn’t powerful or revable, but had that extra capacity that the 4A-G lacked. However the 1S-iLU was better suited to the Camry, not a sports orientated coupe.

The interior of the Corona Coupe was identical to the ST160 Celica, with a truely amazing looking digital gauge cluster which must’ve looked incredible back in 1985. Real 21st century style – from a 1980s point of view.

It came as a bit of a suprise that the ST160 Corona Coupe was succeeded by the ST180 Corona Exiv which happened to be a 4-door hardtop sedan with not a coupe model in sight. Therefore the 80s Corona Coupe stopped at the ST160, leaving the void to be filled solely by the Celica.

Name: Toyota Corona Coupe 2000 GT-R
Chassis: ST160
Engine: 3S-GELU
Capacity: 1998cc
Power: 120kw @ 6400rpm
Torque: 19.0kg/m @ 4800rpm
Weight: 1100kg
Transmission: 5MT
Drive: Front wheels
Brakes: Ventilated disks
Suspension: MacPherson Front struts with rear parralel link struts

Words: Justin Karow

Images: Toyota

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