2005 Osaka Auto Messe

The 2005 Osaka Auto Messe was held over three days from the 11th to 13th of February at Intex Osaka in Nanko’s ‘Cosmo Square’. Very similar in style to the Tokyo Auto Salon, the Osaka Auto Messe is a showcase event for vendors primarily from the Kansai area of Western Japan.

The ’05 event marked somewhat of a turning point in focus of the aftermarket tuning vendors, with much more focus on Kei car (sub 660cc), mini van and ‘car lifestyle’ categories. Thats not to say there weren’t any examples of performance cars there, demo cars from all the established tuning garages were present, with a good mix of circuit, drag and drift cars on display. Sequential showed of their ‘Waru #1’ successor, with slightly tamer bodywork yet still every bit as serious.

Signal Auto also displayed it’s SR20DET engined V35 Skyline Coupe, which drew positive and negative comments from spectators, one of which memorably said “It doesn’t really matter what engine they put in, it’s still not a Skyline…”. Uras and Trial put alot of effort in this year bringing multiple cars to the event and drawing huge crowd to their booths whenever the ‘Cam-gals’ made an appearance. As usual there were many support events aswell, with frequent stage shows by Azure and other guests and frequent giveaways held by the traders and show organisers.

The 2006 Osaka Auto Messe will be held once again at Intex Osaka in Kita Nanko on February 10 – 12.



Text amd Photos: Justin Karow

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