Sequential Fire SF-15 Silvia ‘Waru #1′

January 10, 2005 by  
Filed under 7tune Classics, JDM Feature Cars

 Nissan Silvia’s have always had extremely strong support from the aftermarket automotive suppliers both here in Japan and overseas, and why not? The Silvia has to be one of the best all round packages out there. On the circuit, at the drag strip and of course out drifting, the S-series Silvia’s have always done well in many categories of motor sport in Japan. So just how far can you go with an S15 Silvia? Well, that’s where Sequential come in. Based in Suita, northern Osaka, they were founded in 2000 (Sequential requested that the owner remain anonymous) and have two workshops, one in Suita and one in Kobe. They do all mechanical work in house and specialize in ‘one-off’ enhancements Visit their website at:
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