2008 AE86 Festival

After a little scare on the way to Okayama Interantional Circuit, the 2008 AE86 Festival turned out to be a great day with some truely memorable sights and sounds.

Without going into too much detail, the clutch master cylinder died in the AE86 Levin on the way to the circuit… in the middle of nowhere! We managed to start the car in gear and limp to the circuit but the point where we broke down really drove home the reality that OIC truly is hidden deep in the mountains. Once we arrived though, our generous hosts for the day Powersports were kind enough to have the master cylinder changed and ready to go within an hour of arriving! Yasugi-san from Powersports is one of the kindest people you could meet.

Once at the venue and as is typical of such an event, it was wall to wall AE86s with a good 70% of them being of the Corolla Levin variety. Out on the track, as per usual the day was divided up into categories of events such as the NSC Challenge Cup round (no engine modifications, slicks, no body modifications), the All Japan AE86 Tuning Car King race, Porsche Cup and Nissan March Cup races. There was just so much going on around the track, in the pits, the paddock area and out behind the main grandstand that it was almost impossible to see everything. Most people were waiting to see the main event, the “AE86 Tuning Car King” race and the results are as follows:

1st – Uchibari Kitokito - Uchibari Jidousha Kitokito Sprinter Trueno

2nd – Koizumi Kotaro – Koizumi Shoukai Car Factory Ae Corolla Levin

3rd – Kaneda Yoshinori – Tech Arts Sprinter Trueno

One slight disappointment of the day was the Show and Shine contest. A great turnout last year ended up being a poor turnout this year… I asked a few people why it was poorly attended but nobody really knew. That didn’t stop some very inertesting cars turning up, three “Black Limited” Sprinter Truenos and some very tough and clean Levins/Truenos made the walk out behind the main grandstand worthwhile. The Show and Shine was eventually taken out by the awesome More Drive Corolla Levin by Pro Shop Nakagawa. There was more than a few stalls selling anything and everything to do with AE86s and were staffed by some very nice people, some of who could speak fluent English.

It was another great day and as I said last year it’s a must do event for anyone even slightly interested in Toyotas legendary AE86.

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