2010 Lexus LF-A/LF-L Headlights Uncovered

August 25, 2009 by  
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Some spy shots have surfaced of the upcoming Lexus LF-A (or LF-L if recent reports are true) showing us what the headlights will look like and also a glimpse at the “two stage” rear wing.


Japan’s famed spy shot magazine “New Model Magazine X” has once again shown us photos of an upcoming model partially undisguised prior to its release. This time around it’s the Lexus LF-A/LF-L V10 sports car and in keeping with true spy shot nature, the photos are just clear enough to get a good idea of the changes made to the car. The headlight design is a little unsurprising as previous reports were very close to the final design [1] [2]and the prominent turn signals on the front bumper look to be unchanged from the prototype spotted testing at the Nurburgring. The so-called “two stage” rear wing showing very distinct positions with a lower setting complementing the fully raised position which, according our previous article, will change automatically depending on the driving mode selected. The photos appear to show two slightly different prototypes with the less disguised image showing a prominent Lexus badge and what look to be production ready tail lights.




The interior shot shows a spartan interior with most switch gear to be located on the steering wheel or around the main instrument cluster. True to previous reports we can see the dismantled steering wheel with what looks like unfinished switch/button placement. There were one or two shots of the engine bay but these were very blurry and there are already much clearer and more detailed photos on the web. New Model Magazine X say the Lexus LF-A/LF-L will go on sale in December 2010.

Words: Justin Karow
Images: New Model Magazine X

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  • dee

    the headlights look like the 2007 honda accord. haha

  • Stingray

    I think I will wait until the unveiling of the car, the pics have a really bad quality, and some details may change. Still I like the idea of the car going on sale in December, you think Santa works with Lexus?:P

  • importpunch

    Looks like an R8.

  • STJ


    I fail to see that, the LF-A look much better than the R8.

  • Super X

    lol @ STJ

    How can you make such a comment with out even seeing the whole car?? Not to mention that is looks totally unfinished.

  • i don’t know

    for me it’s rear looks like lambo’s rear, if possible, please don’t put 3 exhaust like that, kind of ugly… the interior is okay if it’s for track use, but for everyday transportation…… not quite attractive to pick up girls…
    @ stingray: i agree… picture above not really unveiling the car in the question… i’m waiting for better picture… ganbatte…

  • beteks

    i’m not sure if i can trust the pictures, but so far the LF-A looks great. I noticed Toyota keeps revising the design so i think the exhaust needs a different design, the triple look kills the cars look.

  • gouki

    Those pictures make the LF-A/L look like a Hot Wheels toy.

  • STJ

    @Super X

    I have seen the concept, thats enough for me.

  • Tojo

    LOVE IT.. Looks like a real supercar!!!

  • celica-xx

    Damn… I don’t come to 7tune for a few days and suddenly there’s real spy pics of the LF-A… awesome! I think this car will take all the attention away from the GT-R for sure.

    @ i don’t know, hell yeah! I would want this thing for daily transportation, doesn’t matter how bad the interior is. I’m sure I could pick up some ladies with it… actually I’m certain ;)

  • dorichan

    its good but i agree that the exhasut is kind of strange also those big ‘gates’ where teh taillights are .. they should change that

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