2010 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X Minor Changes

Mitsubishi has announced a few changes to its Lancer Evolution X GSR models for 2010, some of which reduce the overall curb weight by a massive 1.5kg!


The Lancer Evolution X is a fine car as it is but Mitsubishi Motors has sought to fine tune a few areas which needed attention for the Japanese market (at this stage at least). First and foremost was the redesign of the side skirts, or “side air dams” as MMC call them, which have been given a once over and add a slightly more prominent look. The rest of the changes are inside and underneath the hood, with a new color multi-information LCD replacing the red graphics of the previous model which displays information about the S-AWC control, average vehicle speed, fuel consumption, remaining fuel and warnings all in an easier to read format. There’s also a chrome ring added around the air conditioning controls which adds a touch of class to an otherwise boring set of dials.

Under the hood, the engine cover is now made of resin and the adoption of a windshield with noise reduction properties and has saved a whopping 1.5kg which should improve its 0-60mph times by an almost unmeasurable amount. Although Mitsubishi hasn’t provided any reasons for the change of engine cover materials, it’s probably more to do with an added side effect of reducing manufacturing costs rather than to reduce its weight. An improved cruise control mechanism has been included on all models except the RS (previously only available on the GSR Premium) and a 30 second headlight and driving light delay has been included which activates when entering and leaving the car at night, aptly named “welcome lights” and “coming home lights”. Last but not least, a one-touch widow washer function has been added with improved water atomization. Mitsubishi has abolished the 5-speed manual transmission from the GSR Premium models so now only the Twin clutch SST is available.

Mitsubishi expects to sell around 160 Lancer Evolution X models a month with prices ranging from 3,150,000 JPY (RS) to 5,071,500 JPY (GSR Premium).

Grade Engine Transmission Drive Retail price
(inc. tax)
DOHC 16 valve
4 cylinder
5MT Full time
Twin Clutch-SST 3,995,250
GSR-Premium 5,071,500
RS 5MT Full time


Words: Justin Karow
Images: Mitsubishi Motors

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6 thoughts on “2010 Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution X Minor Changes”

  1. lol @ 1.5kg weight reduction, it’s hardly worth mentioning.

    That Evo X MR Touring edition is a wannabe luxury pack by the sounds of it. Leather in an Evo??? WTF

  2. Wow the info display is much better. Right now its painful to look at, i’d like that in mine.

    Oh and I could run for a week and save some weight, so my body will turn into 2010 spec.

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