2011 Hybrid Supra Successor

For Toyota sports car enthusiasts around the world, things have been very dull and uninspiring for the past few years.

[singlepic id=2395 w=587 h=289 float=center] Since production of the Supra ceased back in 2002, enthusiasts and tuners alike have been left with only the SC Soarer or the mid-ship MR-S to tinker with. However, with new rumors surfacing that the 086A is still in the works we’ve also caught news of a Supra successor to come along with it. Sounds like Toyota’s Akio Toyoda is answering every enthusiasts prayers recently!

Taking the base of the FT-HS Hybrid Sports car which debuted back in 2007, we’ve learned that development of the Supra successor has continued its progress secretly, taking a back seat to the 086A. What we now know though is that most elements of the successor car have moved out of the design phase and into development with speak of a mule that is being anticipated for 2009 end. The engine will most probably be the Lexus 450H’s 3.5l V6 and we now know that it will be coupled with the current Toyota Crown hybrid system delivering a total of 400hp to the rear wheels.

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Whilst this differs a lot from the previous generation Supra, one very interesting point we’re keeping a close eye on is that Toyota will be looking at targeting sports car enthusiasts with another ‘non green’ version of the car. Apparently, for drivers not content with the Eco package Toyota will be supplying a ‘Sports’ version sans hybrid parts. Details are still sketchy but pricing is being pinned at around the three to four million yen mark and should make a debut at this year’s Tokyo Motor Show. Release date will go unchanged and be should be expected late 2011.

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Words: Peter Horniak
Images: Best Car, Peter Horniak

12 thoughts on “2011 Hybrid Supra Successor”

  1. Thats Great, but we must wait till november for the tokyo motor show to see if the rumors are for real, i hope they are!!!

  2. this car has always been a bit weird to me. hybrid bigass coupe.. its good that toyota are doing it though. maybe their whole range will be hybrid in 10 years??

  3. I think the decision to move to hybrid technology is a huge leap for sports cars. It might as well happen sooner than later because there’s really no denying that gasoline technology will eventually be phased out and replaced with next gen tech. As enthusiasts we shouldn’t be shying away from technology but embracing it. We might not like it now because it’s still in it’s infancy, but once new technology starts to mature we’ll have some pretty impressive cars with even more impressive performance abilities.

  4. K’: I agree, I hope Nissan follows Toyota’s lead and brings out a hybrid GT-R… just like Best Car magazine was predicting about 5 – 6 years ago (only they said it would be an “e-4WD”, front wheels being driven by and electric motor, rear wheels by the engine).

  5. One can only hope to ever see the “Supra” badge again. For enthusiasts I think the auotshow to watch this year will no doubt be Tokyo.

  6. I’m sorry…As a twelve year old back in ’97 I remember seeing a family friends friend with a heavily modified (at the time) brand new Supra and thinking to myself how badly I wanted one. Then the dream was smashed by squirmy bean counters at Toyota’s US arm not long after. Many years passed with Supra enthusiasts conjuring up attractive CGI’s of a proposed Supra successor and voices of reason in Japan continually squashing the rumor….I say all of this to say (Jason are you reading??) how reliable is the word that there will be something for hearts to yearn for at Tokyo this year? This is not the first time we’ve had a rumor of a Supra come-back. Really hoping this one is true??

  7. Justin: I remember that about the GT-R hybrid. I believe Nissan might be going green with their Z car in the near future. Unfortunately I don’t have any actual sources because I’ve read it on another website a few weeks back and I can’t seem to remember that site for the life of me. I also remember Mitsubishi was going to try hybridizing an Evo a few years ago with their MIEV system. Again, don’t quote me on it lol.

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