2012 Nissan Skyline Coupe

Seeing as the yet to be released Nissan Fuga received only minor influences from the Infiniti Essence concept car, which will be the first model to get a proper Essence inspired exterior design? The 2012 Nissan Skyline Coupe of course! It won’t get the Essence concept’s turbocharged hybrid system but will pack much more power than the current car. 


The Infiniti Esscence caused a sensation among visitors to this year’s Geneva Motor Show, but it’s at next year’s New York Motor Show that they’ll be treated to the new Skyline Coupe concept featuring an exterior design closely resembling the original Essence show car. In a previous report about the upcoming Nissan Fuga replacement, Holiday Auto (HA) have admitted that they were misinformed about the final design and that in actual fact the next  Nissan Skyline (Infiniti G37)  will showcase many of the design elements introduced with the Essence concept. This of course means we can expect the Skyline/G37 to closely follow the design of the Essence, albeit in a slightly smaller and more practical package without the Luis Vuitton baggage dispenser.


The new Skyline Coupe is expected to debut in October of 2012 and it’s by that stage that Nissan will have introduced more hybrid models in its line up, including the Fuga Hybrid to finally take on the Lexus hybrid sedans in the Japanese domestic market. The 2012 Skyline Coupe won’t be turbocharged like the Essence, but will use the hybrid “3D motor” along with a 3.7L V6 to produce a total of around 450PS. The Skyline Coupe Hybrid will be the highest grade on offer and HA calls it a “high power luxury sports coupe”. Apparently the 3.7L V6 hybrid will use only as much fuel as a 3.0L engine so it can boast a very environmentally friendly image despite producing power that puts it almost on par with the Nissan GT-R. The 2012 Skyline Coupe will get bigger (and wider) 20 inch wheels to cope with the increased power, although the chassis length and width and its double wishbone suspension won’t change from the current car.

The 2012 Skyline Coupe and sedan variant are expected to be shown as concepts at the 2010 New York Motor Show, with the prototype of the sedan to be shown at the same show the following year and it will go on sale in Japan in October 2011. The Skyline Coupe prototype will be shown at the 2011 Tokyo Motor Show and will go on sale in the 3rd quarter of 2012.

Words: Justin Karow
Image: Holiday Auto

11 thoughts on “2012 Nissan Skyline Coupe”

  1. This is not a skyline its nothing more than a overpriced and overpowered 370Z. If it is almost as powerful as the R35 then in the long run there really was no need to produce the R35.

  2. Looks pretty good, probably the car won’t have more then 400hp(350-360?), so it will be slower then the R35 GT-R add the fact that in 2013 we will have the R36 GT-R and there you go, problem solved, both cars can be produced. Still the car will be a good addition to Infiniti’s line up after the new M was not quite the style revolution people anticipated.

  3. It looks stunning, but is it really necessary for it to have that much power? Next thing ya’ know Nissan will jack up the price and say that you can’t tune this car either.

  4. gouki the G37 is the skyline, that one of the reason Nissan didn’t want to call the R35 skyline and call it GTR…they give the skyline name to the G35 back when it came out….

  5. Hang, I have always been aware of that. But I am taking about what on the inside of the car, it uses the Z’s engine and yet it has the skyline name. it just doesn’t feel right, it called a skyline but it just a luxurious Z. the only thing that does the G series justice is that it has an AWD option which is cool.

  6. Gouki-are you for real ??. Skyline is a four seater with a longer wheelbase and the interior is completely different to the Z. Sure the mechanicals are the same..but thats it. Wish they would loose that bootlid design it looks like a freakin lexus sc430. Prefer the shape of the V35 head/tail lights although the package still looks hot.

  7. ^^
    When I said “inside” I meant the mechanics not the cabin. I have no problem with the whole four seat thing it has been like that since ’91. But ya’ gotta love the exotic look that it has though.

    P.S. I didn’t mean to make anyone mad, I apologize if i did

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