1. An Introduction to ” 7Tune Exports “.

We here at 7tune are proud to announce that we’re now in a position to offer our expertise and dedication to the export industry from Japan for those looking for something on small or large scales. We’ve taken our time with our connections and believe we have the right men assembled for the job.

We’ve put together a team that has decades of experience and our connections to the industry now run deep on virtually all levels. The result is that we can source just about anything you are looking for from Japan, whether it be something as small as an individual part or as big as a 40 foot container loaded with spares and cuts of your choice.

Trust in the 7tune reputation and send through your inquiries today!

2. What Services Does ” 7Tune Exports ” Have Available?

Our commitment to providing our readers with “The Ultimate JDM Experience” is now being extended to provide the following services:

* The supply of Shells

* Supply of Front Cuts or Nose cuts

* Complete Containers ( Both 20 and 40 foot )

* The Export of Used Vehicles

* The Export of New and Used Parts

3. Why ” 7Tune Exports” ?

7tune.com has been a tried and trusted source of news, information and entertainment on the net since 2005 and we highly value our readership and our reputation. We’ve worked extremely hard to get where we are. That dedication has come with huge sacrifices and long periods of drought but we remain committed to providing the best possible experience on all fronts.

Our repute through 7tune and its readers has been the result of hard work and perseverance over many years so it goes without saying that one of the best reasons to go with 7tune for your orders is because you know us. We are committed to you. You’ve been here countless times and we’ve always delivered. We’ve earned our place in the game. Without our good name, there would be no value in what we are offering and as with 7tune content, we are driven toward excellence, so your satisfaction is our number one priority.

7tune currently enjoys up to 2 million visits from people in more than 190 countries annually and it’s growing all the time. That’s a lot of visitors every month in anyone’s language and 7tune enjoys the added benefit of a huge reach into the global market. Believe us, we don’t want to risk any of what we have accomplished on a sub standard product and a less than stellar customer service level.

We are here to provide:

==> Car Shells:

If you are chasing a straight body from Japan to reshell that special running gear, or looking to start a project from scratch, we can provide quality parts along with the expertise and shipping arrangements tailored just for you. We now have in place established connections in the used parts sector of the JDM market and with super competitive prices available and top quality service and customer support, you can be assured of a smooth transition for your purchase from Japan to the doorstep of your home or company in your own country.

A variety of different shells can be sourced and prices will vary depending on the level of equipment required with the shell.

We are able to tailor the order to suit you. For example, you may only want the engine and running gear but no interior or you may decide you want the body and interior without the drive-train. The choice is yours and we will do everything we can to accommodate your specific needs.

We understand there is a strong global demand for this service and we at 7tune Exports look forward to your questions and inquiries. Let us help you get what you want when you want it.

At present we are looking to supply the market with JDM base shells and we specialize in the following models:

(Others are available on request - and more will be added based on demand)

1.    Honda S2000.

2.    Subaru Impreza

3.    Mitsubishi Evolution Lancers 4 thru 7.

4.    Nissan Silvia S14 and S15

5.    Honda Civic Type R and Integra Type R

6.    Toyota Chaser

7.    Nissan Skyline (R32, R33, R34)

==> Front Cuts, Nose Cuts and Containers:

7tune Exports caters for fussiest buyers and we are able to source front or nose cuts and containers for shipping at super competitive prices. Contact us with your needs and we will do our best to accommodate you in the most helpful and professional way possible. 7tune prides itself on its professionalism and the reputation it has built over the last 6 years has come about by no mistake or lack of effort. Our clients would take great interest to learn that 7tune Exports has the ability to offer a superior service with something very special.

We are able to source cars fresh from auction, with auction sheets available for you to take a closer look at before purchasing and once you place your order, we’ll buy them for you and have them parted up and stacked into containers and then shipped right out to you!

Where else can you get a service like this? Where you can handpick and choose the cars you like and then have us separate and pack the parts into your container for you?

No mess, no waste; all the best quality parts you need. We understand space in containers is very important, so we make the most of it by not sending you anything you don’t want or need.

For those interested in bulk orders, we are able to supply and ship 20 and 40 foot containers via our trusted shipping partners to any destination in the world. With the help of 7tune Exports, your source to the Japanese Domestic Market parts network just became a lot more reliable and affordable.

===> All inquiries will be responded to promptly and no order is too big or too small for us to handle.

==> Used Vehicles:

7tune has access to USS auctions across the country and our network of affiliated partners has decades of experience combined. If there is a car out there in Japan with your name on it we will find it and have it shipped straight to your port of choice, no fuss, no dramas with all transactions open for you to see.

We will work closely with you to find just the car you are looking for and everything is handled professionally and with a minimum of fuss. Information on the cars purchased at auction can be sent to you so you can see what you are buying and we can even be present to take a look at the cars ourselves before bidding on them.

There are not a lot of people in the industry that can offer this level of service to a client and the very fact we can sight check your potential purchase means you get a superior product.

Contact us today to work with us on supplying you with the best quality used car exports.

==> New and Used Parts:

Are you looking for used JDM parts or something fresh off the rack from JDM manufacturers? Ask us! We’ll run ourselves into the ground finding you the best parts at the best prices with the best possible service.

7tune staff will endeavor to work to your requests and nothing is too difficult for us to handle. Your satisfaction is a top priority and we are offering the best of ourselves to give you a superior product at the most competitive pricing available.

As with our cars, the used parts we buy for you have been checked sight seen so you can trust that what you are getting is going to fit, work and do what it was meant to do. For new parts we have operational business contracts in place so we can offer some of the worlds best prices. Nothing 7tune deals in will be knockoff, cheap and nasty parts from shadty areas of the industrial world – all our purchases will be genuine off the shelf parts with the manufacturers guarantee in place at time of purchase.

We also have access to some of the fastest shipping on the planet with items able to be delivered with 5 working days.

Let us know how we can assists you!

We here at 7tune have been providing the best, most entertaining JDM content in the world for 6 years now and from 2011 we are going to commit ourselves to providing you with not only the ultimate JDM experience but also the ultimate export experience!


The 7tune team.

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