In news we broke in December, The Drift King went on to tell the world that he and Daijiro Inada would be quitting the sport immediately and then starting their own new championship, putting the future of the D1-GP series in serious doubt. We have also just released an exclusive interview about their plans for next year…and sadly, none of them involve D1GP…

For fans of the series and the sport in general, this is the biggest game changer in a decade and so it comes with a little irony that a commemorative 10 year anniversary Limited Edition DVD pack has just been released. 7tune now has this item in stock, but in strictly limited quantities; only 50 of them to be exact. now after 3 busy days we only have 40 remaining! Thanks for your support of 7tune.

If you are one of D1-GP’s fans you can’t pass up this rare opportunity to own a collectors item such as this and you’ll have to act fast because these are sure to sell out quickly.

In this special edition release, you will receive the DVD which runs for 2 hours and 30 minutes and features many of the main drivers and judges from the series and recounts all the action from 2001 to the end of the current season in 2010. ( In Japanese )

You will also get a book that lists all the rounds from each year with pictures of the cars, drivers and results trees included.

As a bonus the producers have included a D1-GP sticker set to go with the magazine and DVD.

The whole package is well presented within its own glossy cover book. The format is NTSC and the region code is 2 but anyone with enough tech savvy won’t have a problem with that!

1. PRICE: ¥4000 INCLUDING SHIPPING!=====>> Shipping will be made from Tokyo to anywhere in the world including handling and is available until sold out.

2. PAYMENT =====>> To be made via PAYPAL and can be sent to adam@7tune.com.

3. INQUIRIES =====>> Please direct inquiries to Adam Zillin: adam@7tune.com

***Once an order is received we will endeavor to send it within 3 working days. Please expect delivery to take between 6 and 10 days.***


Text and Photos – Adam Zillin

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  1. Alright! I’ll take it. Awesome I can get some stickers thrown in for free.

    Thanks Adam, 4000 is a pretty good price I think.

    Loves for D1 from Europe!

  2. Store? You mean ours Steve? Better to contact me directly – adam(at)7tune.com

    The 7tune store is still under construction for the time being – Sorry about that!

  3. Not your fault at all Steve – the faults all mine! The store is under construction now and it won’t be long until its FULLY operational.

    Get your orders in guys – The next person to get their order in will be the last to take advantage of our sticker giveaway! I miscalculated so theres ONE left 🙂

  4. Mine arrived last week and I sat down and watched the DVD over the weekend. Great viewing and the magazine is excellent as well – even if I haven’t got a clue what any of the text says!

    I hope that the JGTC/Super GT gets a similar package at its next anniversary!

  5. I received mine in great condition, was delayed a little but Adam kept in touch the whole time – will buy through 7tune for all my media gear from now on.

    Great guys to deal with!

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