There are thousands of cars on the road, but have you ever thought of which exhaust note you like the best? Well now you can listen to over 70 exhaust notes in one video. Turn your speakers up to hear all the engine noises from all the supercars, sports cars and raodsters you can think of in one video.   Video of hXOLPZcvqaQ  
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Due to a very good friend, I got a tip off that the HKS Group A R32 would be stopping by his workplace on its way to a show in Europe. The car was headed off across the channel into France the following morning so unfortunately it didn't come off the trailer, but I still got a good look around this legend. Posted in the blog because the Wall uploader seems broken :(
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I just recieved notification that it has arrived here in the states and I'm going to be having some work done before I pick it up. I'm going with a RB30 block with a Nitto 3.2 stroker kit and it will be paired with a stage 3 head with fully built internals and race ported/polished. I'm thinking about putting the Borg Warner 9180 in it. I'm not entirely certain of the turbo choice just yet. I'm anxious to get everything done so I can finally enjoy driving a skyline again.
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You guys wrote an article on this. Hopefully I can own a Cappuccino when it becomes legal in the States. I wanna visit Japan someday and definitely see where this one is at.
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Well growing up in a place that has a lot of jDM influence but not very much of it being good. so many cars around my town are slammed or civics that are hacked into pieces with rusted body parts and stretched tires. Motorsport has always appealed to me and Japanese cars seemed an affordable way for me to have fun and i have always loved the lines and style of the JDM cars. As a boy i grew up idolizing the Toyota Supra and it is such magnificent car i was tempted to choose that but lately (last year or so) I've been getting into mountain driving considering the rocky mountains are in my backyard. So naturally i started looking up videos and stumbled upon hot versions tough series. I WAS CAPTURED! Seeing tsucheya san haul through the corners just captured me so the ae86 was on the list for sure.  
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