Appreciation and respect for one another in the world of motor sports and automotive culture are goals that many people aspire to achieve and Art of Speed has certainly fulfilled those goals with absolute flying colours. From retro to contemporary rides, all types of two wheeled beauties ranging from old, new, custom and downright crazy, they are all welcome to be showcased for everyone to appreciate. This year’s Art of speed or AOS2014 as it is more affectionately known is more spectacular and is even more incredible with new sponsors like Dickies clothing from The USA, a substantially sized garage sale with an estimated 150 stalls where one can find all sorts of quirky and cool things to exchange your monies for, live music and various competitions including a soap box racer showdown and for that gratuitous “cherry on top of cake” moment, This year’s art of speed showcases a very special car; the RWB No. 2 of Malaysia hand built by Nakai San himself here in Malaysia.

Nakai San is known for naming all his creations and has named this one “Furinkazan(風林火山), which was a battle standard used in the Sengoku period in Japan. It signified fighting spirit, to be as swift as wind, as silent as forest, as fierce as fire, as unshakeable as mountain. You will see more of this car in our full feature!

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Custom Bikes were in abundance at AOS2014 and I have always been a fan of the café racer styled bikes which could be found in copious amounts at the show. One particular one that caught my eye was this particular one which had chromed heavy duty chains running down the centre of the bike, which really complimented the sparkling metallic silver paint and intricate pin striping.

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Art of Speed is truly a sizzling cauldron of diversity that pays homage to Malaysian culture, It is a country steeped in culture that emphasises on embracing different cultures and are one of the few countries in the world that features a harmonious multi racial population. Just like this characteristic of what Malaysia is, this event embraces Kustom Kulture of all types and the spectators too were really diverse; from old to young and from all walks of life have all congregated at AOS to appreciate the beautiful works of mechanical art on display. I overheard one of the older gentlemen mentioning that It was nice to see that the younger generation have engaged in breathing new life back into older cars and bikes by way of restorations or insane modifications and this reminds me of what Shoji san of Star Road Japan said when he was here for retro havoc a few months back which was exactly the same thing.

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Custom cars from all over the world were featured at AOS2014 as well, from USDM to JDM, rat rod to hot rod any type of tuning style or modification you could think of it can be found here like this beautiful Chevrolet Impala repping the USDM Scene. This particular Impala is not only special because they are extremely hard to find in Malaysia but it also belongs to the organizers of AOS2014, Switchblade and its owner Asep Ahmad Sastrawidjaja.

DSCF2757 copy

This KE series corolla belongs to a friend of mine Sean, which features JDM style tuning with classic style deep dish rims, classic chin spoiler and fender flares, Moon eyes Japan bits all over, It really portrays timeless classic Japanese style well.

DSC_9549 copy

While walking around the garage sale area there was a considerable amount of items for sale which ranged from car bits and pieces and even OEM parts for older cars, brand merchandise, and an eclectic plethora of vintage stuff and other collectibles.

DSCF2705 copy

Some things for sale were downright quirky and would really grab your attention like this wall display item of Freddy Kruger bursting through the wall, the metal fingered monster from “A Nightmare on Elm Street” on display beside a a classic Chopper bicycle.

DSC_9588 copy

Even when i looked up at the sky thinking “what the hell.. is this heat for real?” I find something cool that automatically makes me reminisce to my childhood days; the one and only monster ass kicking Ultraman. It had rained hard for weeks and weeks but the weather cleared up a few days back and had stayed clear before AOS2014 and was great weather for a successful event.

DSC_9600 copy

Most of the cars there were fairly straight forward to categorize; each representing a different tuning style but there are one or two that are just so unusual you don’t know what to make of it.. like this mini that has become even more mini.. maybe, ChoroQ tuning styled?

DSCF2714 copy

We’ll be posting the final coverage of AOS2014 soon with much much more to come! 

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Words – Eugene Chan

Photography – Eugene Chan

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