Back In The Day: BIG-X part I

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Recently I’ve had a little bit of good luck and bad. My bad luck recently came in the form of my computer dying, suddenly. Sure it copped more abuse than most, but in either case it was sad to see it go. The good news though was I had a great reason to buy a new computer and to finally sift through just some of the images I have from my time in Japan. For this article in particular I want you all to rewind a few years back, to an event that unfortunately isn’t held any more.

[singlepic id=1639 w=400 h=576 float=center]

It was 2005 and what became my first pilgrimage to Ebisu Circuit. I was very lucky to have met up with a few other friends who were into cars as much as I and we had all decided to get together and check out an event called Big-X. We didn’t know too much about it, but the promise of ‘Extreme Bike’, ‘Trial’, ‘Car Stunt’ and ‘Drift Xtreme’ all in one day was enough to get us out of bed early on a chilly Spring morning.

[singlepic id=1608 w=587 h=440 float=center]

What we got when we arrived at Ebisu was indeed big! Put on by the owner of Ebisu Circuit and D1 champ, Nobushige Kumakubo, the day was a sweet hot mix of some the best drifters and riders pulling off some of the wildest acts in synchro for the crowd. The most popular of these groups you might know as Team Orange or Geki Kassou Dan, the other orange team from Hoshino Car Style. Their electric orange colors are a show of respect to Team Orange and Kumakubo.

[singlepic id=1624 w=587 h=440 float=center]

Back on the main straight, it was all drift antics  followed by car stunts, followed by driving on two wheels and even flying cars! To make matters more interesting, while the cars were drifting or on two wheels, the drivers would simultaneously weave in and out of each other or do donuts around each other, narrowly missing so many times and keeping everyone on their feet the whole length  of the straight!!

[singlepic id=1637 w=587 h=440 float=center]

The synchronization didn’t stop there either. Next came the bikers, including the Moto-X and Trial riders as well as the stunt riders joining in on the action and ripping up the front straight to everyone’s delight again! Of course we had to have burn outs in between sessions too to keep everyone happy, so the bikers and drivers let roar with some serious tire delaminating destruction!

[singlepic id=1631 w=587 h=440 float=center]

Continuing on, there was more fun for the crowd with the drifters selecting a lucky  few from the crowd to ride shotgun on the specially set up course.

[singlepic id=1621 w=587 h=440 float=]

I have quite a few pictures from this event, so I’ll make this part one but I’ll see if I can dig up some of the video from the day as well! No guarantees on the quality though. It was after all 2005 and I was silly enough not to have brought a video camera.

[singlepic id=1636 w=587 h=440 float=center]

[nggallery id=58]

Stay tuned for part two guys and girls!

Part II is Here!


Words/Images: Peter Horniak

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  • Luke Huxham

    Hey dude,

    Im actually mates and part of Team Geki down here in Gunma, Team Orange is Kumakubo’s teams and Team Geki is Geki Kassou Dan which are mates with Kumakubo. The orange paint work is Hoshino’s favourite color whose the team leader / founder hence why the paint is orange on all the Team cars.

    The team is called Geki Kassou Dan because of its aggresive nature or just Team Geki for short. Some how i managed to look after these boys when they came to Australia and from there i moved to Japan started drifting and got a big warm welcome into the team. And well i live 5 mins away from Hoshino and his workshop aswell.

    If you ever in Gunma Peter drop me a line, or if you ever want to catch up with Hoshino etc, also you coming to Drift Matsuri at Ebisu this year?

  • LonePhantom

    Cool stuff. Got any more pics of that orange S14 Zenki?

  • Rob

    pls pls pls tell me you have more shots of Kazama’s personal red s15!?!

  • SteveTX

    Nice pictures and writeup!

    (I love that Hoshino-ya sticker – BTW)

  • RE-Xtreme

    I was there in 2003 and 4, it was a pretty rough event back then. But very cool

    It was crazy the first time, second time it was getting old.


  • Peter Horniak

    Luke: Hey there, yeah i’d love to come up to Gunma someday. Would love to tee up for a bit too. I’m also aiming to be at the Drift Matsuri again. I take it you’ll be there too?

    Lonephantom: Those first three shots in the gallery are the only ones.. I think..

    Rob: Theres more to come!

    SteveTX: Thanks for the comments! And I agree, that sticker is pretty cool.

    Russ: Yeah, it was a pretty interesting event.. You didn’t go after that in 2005?

  • fmws

    This is really nice, the pictures are really good!! can’t wait for part two.

  • RE-Xtreme

    I went back to OZ for a couple of years.
    I remember the first time though… awesome!

  • Peter Horniak

    Guys, part II is up.. Go and have a look over here!

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