Best Car makes Z34 Fairlady Z mock-up!

You can’t deny their enthusiasm for the new Z34 Fairlady Z/370Z that’s for sure! This is Best Car’s effort to bring the Z34 Fairlady Z to life a good 6 months before its debut.

Japan’s Best Car magazine has done something very left field… they’ve made their own Z34 Fairlady Z mock-up using photographs leaked from the recent Nissan GT 2012 meeting… and a Z33 base car “borrowed” from Central 20! We’ve all seen CG images of upcoming cars before using a current model with various styling cues that the¬†journalist (rightly or wrongly) believes will make it into the final product. Best Car wanted to go one step further and produce their own 1:1 scale Z34 Farilady Z mock-up using only a couple of photographs.

Mad House in Shizuoka prefecture were given the honor of constructing the Z34 front bumper and fenders from scratch. Mad House are no strangers to custom built cars and parts, their shop demo car is none other than a Porsche 917 Le Mans replica using an engine and components from a Mitsubishi i!

The headlights were obviously the most difficult parts to produce so the Best Car staff decided to make simple decals and apply them to the front. The results aren’t bad at all and from a distance it would be hard to tell if they were real or not. What a great effort by the Best Car staff! I only wonder how they’ll be able to better this effort next time though…

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Words: Justin Karow

Images: Best Car, Mad House

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