Best Modification: Is you!

I wonder why we keep modifying to the cold and bare emotionless parts that overwhelm our catalogues or web browsers? When the most obvious and essential modification is the person behind the wheel.

I must admit i was suckered into this line of thinking as well, like blind zombie i ruthlessly pursued the next modification. However it took a small accident and a few well intentioned remarks to make me realise that we neglect that the car doesn’t drive itself. Because while theoretically the car will drive better because of a lower CoG, a better performing LSD, better tyres and so on; in reality it is the driver that makes best use of all the modifications. The driver feels the input in the steering wheel, the pitch and dip of the car, the slight step out from the rear and the pressure on the body from acceleration of the car. The car is entirely at the mercy of the driver’s whims.

So the first mod that any driver should do, is a advanced driving course. More specifically a motorsport driving course, after doing a defensive driving course to learn to drive safely on the road. Why? Because in a motorsport course they teach about car control, from braking to acceleration to steering and even seating position. It questions our assumptions, our misconceptions and our bad habits and forces us to become better drivers.

And as better drivers we can then fully appreciate the modifications done to the car, completely understanding the differences in its behaviour.

So go do a course. Today.

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