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Down Shift is a relatively new Ezine/Blog created by Aussies Andrew Foy and Matya Fulop. It’s full of great articles and stunning photography!

Localized online publications are a great way for enthusiasts to get a glimpse of the car scenes in other countries and cultures. Following in the likes of Hellaflush/Motormavens/Stanceworks Downshift focuses on high quality content of the local scene in Queensland Australia.

Down Shift have developed a unique style or Automotive journalism in that you can almost smell the hot rubber and bitumen! The high quality photography combined with the descriptive writing puts your right at the track!




Check out DownShift today at

4 thoughts on “Blog highlight – DownShiftEzine”

  1. Wow you Aussies sure are lucky! Look at those cars! Man I didn’t know S13’s and S14’s looked sooo good! Where I am their old dusty clangers and not so appealing. Gotta get me one but the missus already said no more cars until we get a house… sigh.

    Still a lot of amazing shots and the write up is friendly but blunt in a nice way. But 7 Tune is still the first site I hit up on the web before going anywhere else 😉

  2. wouldnt call us aussies ‘lucky’ lol

    we have ridiculous laws regarding modifying cars, cars arent that cheap compared to american ones (-.-) and the jap car scene isnt thaaaat big

  3. I agree… Laws here are pretty rough… Rust buckets have better chances of being on the road compared to imports

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