Look out Mazda. Toyota, after absolutely piling on the sales for their new sports FR platform over the last 9 months, in all corners of the world, have green lit a project that will arguably drive it toward a different segment of the market – one that likes to rock out with the top out…

Scheduled for release at the Geneva Motor Show next month in March, Toyota are looking to see just what people think of an 86 with an open bent. I personally love the idea – those who initially slammed the S2000 and Miata/Roadster when they was first unveiled for being hairdressers cars or cars for girls are now fawning over the brilliant chassis. Remember the S2K, in particular, is old hat now by modern standards.

An open 86? Bring it on!

The “Toyota 86 Open Concept” looks set to take up the reigns as an affordable, light weight and ( at least in my opinion ) drop dead sexy number for use in all kinds of weather, plus it no doubt has the Mazda Roadster firmly in the crosshairs now. And let me tell you, Drop Tops are a heck of a lot of fun… for some reason, females start taking more notice when the roof is down. That’s a selling point in itself, right there! There have been no releases that Subaru will follow suit with a BRZ variant but I’m willing to put money on the fact they already have something in the pipeline.

One thing is almost certain though… our friends in Murica will be seeing these in FR-S guise and I bet that’s going to produce quite the internet chatter amongst fans.

Just do us all a favor Toyota – give us the option to increase torsional rigidity by allowing us to fit a hard top option… in carbon fiber please. Those who find a convertible raises questions about their manliness need not apply, in this instance – at least now, you have a choice!

Well played Toyota. Well played.

Words – Adam Zillin
Source – Toyota Australia

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