Snap Shot – Bronzed Skyline R31

One car that appeared at Daikoku Futo on Friday; a car that was parked away from everyone else and who’s owner I didn’t get to speak to, just happened to be one of the most eye catching R31’s I have ever seen…

The cars color is spectacular. It is as if “bronze” was the only hue a car ever need be painted in if intent of purpose was the objective.


Truly immaculate…


I have no idea as to the kit this was fitted with but it worked in an aesthetically pleasing way; the side-skirt’s ducts symmetrically opposed for example – the kit as a whole, angular and complimentary to the R31’s inherently boxy overtones.


Power and purpose is the impression conveyed here, without doubt.


Some cars just work. Whether they carry the right amounts of “stance” and “dish” is down to the opinion of anyone on the street but there is no doubting the “capture” some builds have on the senses and this R31 is a perfect example of when things go according to plan.


Cars like this can only age with grace if kept to the level this owner has sought. The stone chips that score the bumper are a nice reminder that this particular R31 is certainly no show pony.

Words – Adam Zillin

Photos – Adam Zillin

5 thoughts on “Snap Shot – Bronzed Skyline R31”

  1. im gonna disagree on the stance and dish comment it looks too much like half the commodore in aus no dish and half the wheel hidden in the arch

    not a fan but thats just me

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