C-West Developing Aero For Honda CR-Z, Insight And RX-8

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Kansai aero parts specialists C-West have also got their hands on Honda’s latests hybrids and will soon have aero kits available.


It seems that companies would be crazy not to offer at least something for the Honda CR-Z with customers starting to take delivery of their new cars now. I’ve seen a few CR-Zs on the streets in and around Osaka and Kobe and it looks very slick in the metal. C-West makes some very good looking (and functional) aero kits and the new design in store for the CR-Z looks to continue that tradition. The CR-Z isn’t the only car to receive attention though, the Honda Insight and Mazda RX-8 are also in line to get some C-West treatment. More info will be available nearer to the release date but for now, we have these renders to give us a good idea of what to expect.




Images: C-West

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6 Responses to “C-West Developing Aero For Honda CR-Z, Insight And RX-8”
  1. K' says:

    I’ve always liked C-West aero. They don’t sacrifice form or function in their product.

  2. Stingray says:

    “It seems that companies would be crazy not to offer at least something for the Honda CR-Z” With 10000 orders for it in four weeks, I can believe that. Still, I can’t understand what’s with the RX-8, that car it’s on the market like forever, what made them build a body kit for it now? Still, the rendering looks good, any idea when we will see more then just drawings?

  3. STJ says:


    Whats even more strange is that the body kit is for the pre-facelift RX8.

  4. RX8 says:

    @ Stingray and STJ:

    umm.. the RX8 2004 – 2007 is the most bought model, so this increases the consumer base and possible buyers of this kit.

    doing a kit for the new model will not benefit them more than this.


  5. Onifd3s says:

    Now if they only had the cr-x I mean cr-z with a K20 or K24 that would be awesome I would line up in a heartbeat….. I have a civic SI as a daily driver and i love my k20 with 6 speed it would really be somthing in that little cr-z.

  6. Mike says:

    Great looking pictures of the CRZ. The tuners are coming out in a big way for this car. We’ve added a link from our forum: http://www.crzforum.com/forum/pictures-videos/380-c-west-cr-z.html

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