Mizota san of Revolfe fame and Kitabayashi san of Pentroof fame have been holding these monthly gatherings for quite some time now so when good friend Masaki san introduced me to the group a while back, it was destined to take its place on my calendar as a must see gathering each second Friday of the month. Here’s the lowdown on the latest meeting at Umihotaru Parking Area…


Situated at the center of the Aqua Line tunnel, Umihotaru Parking Area is a one way destination that has long been a place where car owners from around greater Tokyo and Yokohama have gathered to enjoy mutual interests and passions together as a friendly and appreciative group of enthusiasts.


Usually there is a great variety of people in attendance and as always, most of the talk is purely car related! Held from about 9pm to midnight on the second Friday of each month, the Revolfe x Pentroof meetings draw a great selection of custom tuner cars in all shapes and sizes. Usually, there are between 30 to 50 cars to appreciate each meeting. If there is ever any rain the event is postponed until the following Friday so that’s something to keep in mind if you ever plan to attend.


Amemiya san from Hearts and his wife were there too with their redhead sports cars; Mrs Amemiya actually drives that custom Abflug MR-S on the left. Awesome car – I like HER car more than the HIS!


As usual, Mizota and Kobayashi invite their friends; naturally, a lot of them own a classic sports car like the Z32 since that has been a Revolfe and Pentroof specialty for almost two decades now and there were some really hardcore builds in the parking area above the crashing seas below – including Mizota san’s Fairlady which is, as expected, sporting an aggressive state of tune…


..and a similarly modified interior.


Here’s a nice pair of Zeds sitting pretty.


A brace of FD RX-7’s in varying states of tune made for one heck of a lineup. The black Knight Sports kitted FD was my favorite…


… and here’s another angle.


Kitabayashi san turned up in the Abflug Aloof Version 2 GT-R R35; the kit undoubtedly makes this car one of the most extreme looking GT-R’s in Japan.


It’s not for everyone’s taste but I love the way it looks and Abflug has always been a “I Love it or I Hate it” type affair. That doesn’t change the fact it’s still packing a mental 1100hp from a GT1000 HKS and Pentroof complete tune!


Masaki san and Baba san also turned up in their R35’s – both are punching out the numbers with full MCR 800hp+ complete builds but look very mild on the outside. Sleepers are getting more and more common in Japan for various reasons!


Wait… let’s take a closer look at that GT-R… 😉 These limited vinyls are available online now.


There’s a great variety in this particular lineup… the Estoril blue BMW Active Hybrid 3 Series was my chariot for the night and I’ll have a full run down on this truly amazing car in a coming post.


Out of the corner of my eye, I spotted The Unicorn… it’s a real sight to behold. So damn clean and deadly.


There were a couple of other JZA80’s this particular night – one sporting this impressive engine configuration…


One of the highlights for me was seeing this extremely rare and genuine Mid Night R32 GT-R up close. It’s rocking R34 GT-R wheels as well which I have always thought suited the R32 really well.


And almost as if I’d seen a ghost, it vanished into the night; no doubt on its way to terrorize the Wangan as it has always done. Some think it is disrespectful for people to still carry the Mid Night vinyls since the club has long been disbanded but as Uwabo san from Abflug once told me, “Once you are a member of Mid Night, you are a member for life.”


One of Pentroof’s customers arrived in this barnstorming R34 that has been tuned by Pentroof and wears…


Yes… an Abflug kit! Who could argue against the looks of this hard driven Wangan monster?


This was a very unusual sight as well – not every day you see a twin turbo charged VQHR35DETT 😉


I brought along with me some 7Tune merchandise since this was a special occasion for the visitors to the Revolfe x Pentroof meeting. They snapped the vinyls up quick!


And then as is custom we ended the night by playing a few rounds of Janken to pick a few lucky winners of some prizes that Revolfe, Pentroof and 7Tune had put up.


I suck at Janken… but I definitely also love HKS!

Umihotaru is about 30 minutes out from Tokyo on the Shutoko and is smack bang in the middle between Tokyo Bay and Sodegaura on the Aqualine. A round trip with no ETC will cost ¥3000… but it’s worth it.

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