Car Park Scout #4

Walk through the car auctions in Japan every day (like I do) and you’re bound to uncover some interesting cars, but we’ll leave most of that for the next installment… this time we have two crazy Kei cars, a couple of auction finds, more than a few Junk Cars and a selection from the local SuperAutobacs parking lot…

First some ‘Japlish’ car stickers:

The second one is particularly interesting, a ‘cute’ fishing lure in the shape of a Raccoon is bound to appeal to the most discerning Angler…

Junk Cars:

All these were in the bayside area just east of Sannomiya in Kobe. See the article here for one reason why this happens. Anything easily removed and of worth are removed very quickly, with the rest of the car left to sit there and rust. The Suzuki Alto Works is a little suprising to see here, it being the only car to appeal to an enthusiast and therefore have some sort of (limited) worth… the entire enigine will probably be the next thing to go.

Speaking of cars that would appeal to enthusiasts:

I can’t really say much about these two other than that they were abandoned by a used car dealer in Nanko in Osaka. The pieces of paper stuck on the inside of the windscreens only had the name of the used car shop and a number of some sort.

A relatively fresh ST182 Carina ED junk car in south Osaka. Somebody had been jumping on the roof…

Lets go to the used car auctions shall we?

A car only it’s owner (Barbie maybe?) could love… The last photo is a good reason why white interiors are a very, very bad idea.

This is more like it, a crashed and repaired AE86 Sprinter Trueno. Note the wide rear guards which were smoothed into the rear guards quite well. The ‘one lazy eye’ look on the front complimented the ‘one worn, ripped up Recaro bucket seat’ look on the inside… if I remember correctly the auction started at 400,000 yen for this one! Crazy…

A very neat Honda Beat with Hippo Sleek body kit and fibreglass roof.

The SuperAutobacs parking lot:

These Toyota Hiace vans are quite popular at the moment, some very nicely modified examples can be seen almost on a daily basis in the city.

A freshly painted Nissan 180SX. The wheels were tiny at 15 inches.

More gauges than you can poke a stick at. Blurry FD3S Mazda RX-7.

This UCF20 Celsior has has a UFC30 face lift! You can’t really pic it from the front, but walk around the back and it’s true identity is exposed.

The ‘other’ crazy Kei car in this installment of Carpark Scout. It’s a Suzuki Alto… The sticker on the back would’ve been funnier if it were in French.

Honda Fit with the entire Mugen catalogue ‘fitted’… sorry.

A very well modified S15 Silvia. The color, while not so ‘cool’ at first glance, does work very well with the semi-painted carbon hood and polished wheels. It’s difficult to see with the camera flash but either side of the center raised section of the hood are painted body color.

Thats all for this installment, theres plenty more to come!

Text: Justin Karow

Photos: Justin Karow 

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