On a dark and foggy night (I kid you not) an event called “The Borgata affair” went down. Borgata is the Italian term for suburban townships around Palermo and the term was later adopted by the American Mafia to represent family. For the event though, Borgata signifies more of a family like series of events, not so much illegal Mafia activities, where automotive enthusiasts and passionate car owners congregated to just mingle and check out each other’s rides. Read more



The title of this write up can in no way be more literal, as several thousand Honda enthusiasts gathered at the home of Malaysian Motorsports, Sepang International Circuit. This event was a congregation of owners and car enthusiasts in celebration of one of the most iconic automotive JDM brands in the world and also one of the most famous power units in the world, with 14 million VTEC units built every year, I mean, who doesn’t know the Honda brand and there were Hondas for as far as the eye can see. Read more




Summernats is one of the biggest car festivals in the world from down under and is famed for some of the most insane burnout showcases in existence, and this massive event has made its way on to Malaysian soil which is the new inaugural event hosted here by JP Performance motor sports of whom has hosted the Super GT Malaysian leg for the past few years. Read more


DSCF2747 copy

Following up from the teaser I posted up a few days back for AOS Asia, it is with great pleasure that I present to you the full coverage of the Art of Speed Asia 2014. From cars to bikes, USDM to JDM, one can really see the diversity that makes Art of Speed what it is. AOS, as it is more affectionately known, has become one of the premier events in the region that truly celebrates Custom Culture. Avid enthusiasts and passionate tuners from all over congregate at Art of Speed to supply a visual treat and there was definitely something for everyone at the event. Read more



Appreciation and respect for one another in the world of motor sports and automotive culture are goals that many people aspire to achieve and Art of Speed has certainly fulfilled those goals with absolute flying colours. From retro to contemporary rides, all types of two wheeled beauties ranging from old, new, custom and downright crazy, they are all welcome to be showcased for everyone to appreciate. Read more



Before I set these two cars up for the shoot, I was just pondering with a friend on how people say these cars are so hard to find and so rare and yet, I have come in contact with so many of these rare beauties. Even a couple of my friends are getting into restoration of S30Z’s. From hidden personal restorations to internationally acclaimed zetto artisans, Star Road, I have been witness to a great variety of Fairlady’s and have found a deep and profound sense of appreciation for all of them, regardless of what state or style they arrive in… Read more



Retro Havoc 2014 was an event that really took a lot of people by surprise, including me. I had no idea what to expect for my third visit to Malaysia but for all intents and purposes, the promise of over 300 of the countries best classic cars, crammed into one giant aircraft hangar on the outskirts of Kuala Lumpur made for a tantalising proposition that couldn’t be missed!… Read more



As the sun rose from the east down here in Malaysia, The boys from Back wheel Bitches & Twinbladez Stickers finally gathered their nostalgic rides after months of planning to embark on an uphill climb to Genting Highlands Malaysia. The estimated distance from the rendezvous point till the top of Genting Highlands was about a 47.7KM long drive, with a challenging 15KM steep uphill climb which will prove to be a gruelling test of endurance for the classic cars.


Classic Japanese Muscle made it for the event; like this pristine RA28 Celica and other classic JDM like the KE70 joined the convoy as well.

Watanabes never fail to make any car look the part.


Classic Pick ups are the growing trend down here in Malaysia.


Bosozoku styled Mercedes Benz, Nicknamed “Cosa Nostra”.





Media partners who were involved on ground to witness the heart pumping and adrenaline moments, were RTM Malaysia, Atara Racing Datsuns, Malaysia CCCM and lastly Retro Garage in conjunction with 7tune. There were 30 cars that participated consisting of Datsuns, Toyotas, Volkswagens and a Mercedes, We here at Retro Garage and 7tune was amazed with the high spirited aura radiating from the drivers as man and machine form a special bond to push forward to the peak and their goal was simple; to reach to the top and nothing could stand in their way.




As the drive progresses, The convoy of classics were 25KM closer to the chequered flag but unfortunately there were a few problems that had come up; few cars were left behind as their machine experienced technical problems while pushing the limits of their rides and for some, they stopped for an hour or so to let their cars cool down before they resume another half of torturing drive up fairly steep corners. Eventually the convoy arrived at the peak of Genting Highlands Malaysia with an ecstatic atmosphere and an overwhelming amount of happiness can be seen on each participant’s face. Nothing can explain the sheer excitement more than seeing those drives who made it up like a bunch of kids that just got huge amounts of candy.




Lastly, Respect was given to all the drivers who spare their time to conquer the treacherous situation climbing up onto Genting Highlands. And not forgetting a special thank you to Retro Garage, RTM Malaysia for your patience and willingness to cover this historical moment.

That’s all for now, Signing out from Malaysia. Terima Kasih!

Terima Kasih – Means thank you in Bahasa Melayu



Words – Praveent Chelvam

Photography Kean Yap/Praveent Chelvam





After a good night’s rest we got up nice and early to head on over to Sepang again on Sunday to bring you the final coverage of our 2 part coverage of  the Super GT here in Malaysia and coming early was certainly the right choice to make as Sunday is always more lively at Sepang for Super GT. We stored away our things at the media centre and grabbed our vests and headed out again for coverage and we decided to get a regular spectator’s perspective and see what they see. Read more


classicodaiba7tune (11 of 48)

Its a new year and its time again for the JCCA (Japan Classic Car Association) annual new years meet in Odaiba. A veritable feast of classic automobile goodness and plenty of gasps of “natsukashiiii” from the locals…natsukashi meaning “its so nostalgic isn’t it!!”

Pic1 (1 of 1)

Straight in at the gates you gaze upon rows upon rows of gleaming classics, most older than myself.

Pic2 (1 of 1)

Alongside all the Cars is a very very Japanese level enthusiasts flea market and by Japanese level I mean everything you would ever want as a classic car lover no matter what your vehicle of choice or fancy is! From Sparco seats to vintage car sales brochures to toy cars, you name it its here.

Pic 3 (1 of 1)

Headlamps, you got it.

Pic 4 (1 of 1)

Model Kits, absolutely.

Pic 5 (1 of 1)

I spent hours walking the aisles mesmerised by all the history surrounding me, whilst turning down one of the aisles I came upon two schoolboys holding a flag and wearing uniforms….upon speaking to them I found out that they form part of the Hosei University Automobile Club, today they had brought along a real stunner. A 1938 Jaguar SS, a real piece of automotive history, as far as I could read most of the parts and some of the bodywork is still original, either way its a grand spectacle.

Pic 6 (1 of 1)

As an Englishman it was rather strange walking around a Japanese Classic Car meet and being met with rows upon rows of classic Britishness, from rows of Lotus Espirit and various racing incarnations of other Lotus models to Minis, Triumphs and Jaguars.

Pic 7 (1 of 1)

After a while of wandering around and chatting to some locals I found what I personally was looking for, the Fairlady Z section. I have always found the first gen of Fairlady Zs to be such a beauty to behold….which comes as no surprise given where its design influence came from…..this particular model however I found in the parking lot!!

Pic 8 (1 of 1)

Pic 9 (1 of 1)

Pic 10 (1 of 1)

Pic 11 (1 of 1)

Up and down I went finding more gems from “Back in the day” sometimes so far back in someones day I don’t know if I was alive at the time some of these cars rolled of the production line or flew off the grid.

Pic 12 (1 of 1)

Found some real gems.

Pic 13 (1 of 1)

Some GTOs.

Pic 14 (1 of 1)

A wild blue Celica GTV circa 1972.

Pic 15 (1 of 1)

Pic 16 (1 of 1)

Pic 17 (1 of 1)

As the day drew to an end my shutter finger was still maniacally twitching away, so much awesomeness. It was then I had an epiphany about enthusiasts and collectors of every nature….we all love what we do and love to talk about it with like-minded and noobs a like, if you have the passion, they have the time, I shot this last image and I think it sums up the atmosphere of the day perfectly, bunch of mates hanging out talking cars around a car, drinking ghetto sake surrounded by car parts and other car lovers! CARS!!

Pic 18 (1 of 1)

Till the next time… but before I go, here are some bonus shots for you to enjoy :)


classicodaiba7tune (1 of 48)

classicodaiba7tune (3 of 48)

classicodaiba7tune (4 of 48)

classicodaiba7tune (5 of 48)

classicodaiba7tune (6 of 48)

classicodaiba7tune (7 of 48)

classicodaiba7tune (9 of 48)

classicodaiba7tune (10 of 48)

classicodaiba7tune (12 of 48)

classicodaiba7tune (13 of 48)

classicodaiba7tune (15 of 48)

classicodaiba7tune (16 of 48)

classicodaiba7tune (17 of 48)

classicodaiba7tune (19 of 48)

classicodaiba7tune (20 of 48)

classicodaiba7tune (21 of 48)

classicodaiba7tune (22 of 48)

classicodaiba7tune (24 of 48)

classicodaiba7tune (26 of 48)

classicodaiba7tune (27 of 48)

classicodaiba7tune (28 of 48)

classicodaiba7tune (29 of 48)

classicodaiba7tune (30 of 48)

classicodaiba7tune (31 of 48)

classicodaiba7tune (32 of 48)

classicodaiba7tune (33 of 48)

classicodaiba7tune (35 of 48)

classicodaiba7tune (36 of 48)

classicodaiba7tune (39 of 48)

classicodaiba7tune (41 of 48)

classicodaiba7tune (42 of 48)

classicodaiba7tune (43 of 48)

classicodaiba7tune (44 of 48)

classicodaiba7tune (45 of 48)

classicodaiba7tune (46 of 48)

classicodaiba7tune (47 of 48)

classicodaiba7tune (48 of 48)

classicodaiba7tuneV2w (1 of 10)

classicodaiba7tuneV2w (2 of 10)

classicodaiba7tuneV2w (3 of 10)

classicodaiba7tuneV2w (4 of 10)

classicodaiba7tuneV2w (5 of 10)

classicodaiba7tuneV2w (6 of 10)

classicodaiba7tuneV2w (7 of 10)

classicodaiba7tuneV2w (8 of 10)

classicodaiba7tuneV2w (9 of 10)

classicodaiba7tuneV2w (10 of 10)

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It was an absolutely MEGA end to 2012 for 7Tune – with almost a dozen events to attend, countless people to meet and a couple of international events to fly to. Here is a rundown on what you can expect on 7Tune in the coming weeks during the first month of 2013… Read more


Publika at Duta Solaris in Kuala Lumpur played host to one of the most exciting events of the year. The Art of Speed event is billed as Malaysia’s first “Kustom Kulture” and hot rod show that features everything “custom”. How does this fit into the JDM related world? We will soon find out.Subaru Leone pick up truck and the orange “Dragon” Toyota Celica

Subaru Leone pick up truck and the orange "Dragon" Toyota Celica

Subaru Leone pick up truck and the orange "Dragon" Toyota Celica

The Art of Speed event was held at Publika’s The Square and White Box. The Art of Speed event is inspired by the successful Mooneyes Yokohama Hot Rod & Custom Show in Japan, which had recently celebrated its 20th anniversary. I was happy to be invited by one of my best friends and co-organiser of the event, Mr. Rahmat from Playhouse Garage.

Nissan Bluebird 910 with massive wheels and camber

Nissan Bluebird 910 with massive wheels and camber

Rahmat, the owner of Playhouse Garage, specialises in rust repairs and restorations for classic and retro cars. He offers custom modifications and repair jobs to old or new cars.

Itinerary for the event on Saturday and Sunday

Itinerary for the event on Saturday and Sunday

The event was held over a period of two days. Various local celebrities, bands and artists had made their appearance on that day, where they have performed on stage, playing rock and punk music. People were mostly occupied by the diversity of activities that were offered in the event. The crowd was also exposed to airbrushing, pin-striping, tattoo demonstrations and various related activities. Performing artistes include Altimet, The Malayan and LOKA Band, among others that were present that day.

Moon Eyes Authorised dealer's booth

Moon Eyes Authorised dealer's booth

It was very interesting to find that there was a Moon Eyes authorised dealer in Malaysia. Moon Eyes were hardly heard off outside of USA and Japan, unless you follow the retro and classic JDM scene a lot. It was nice to find that finally decided to bring the cool range of products from Japan. There were tons of imported T-shirt and automotive related accessories for sale. Sadly, due to time limitation, I was unable to make any purchases, because there were too much to choose from!

Custom and Yamaha chopper

Custom and Yamaha chopper

KickAss Choppers from Jakarta, Indonesia and Thor Chops and Kustoms from Bangkok, Thailand were flown in for this special event, along with their awesome customised motorcycles. A lot of modified motorcyles and bicycles were on display. It was nice to see some bikes to be turned into a work of art. The bikes were a mix of either European, American or Japanese bikes.

Modified Harley with Japanese inspired helmet by Beautiful Machines

Modified Harley with Japanese inspired helmet by Beautiful Machines

The Harley Davidson Club of Malaysia were also present to lend their support to the movement. This beautiful Harley Davidson on display in Beautiful Machine’s booth takes cues from both Japanese and American modifications. I definitely like the customised Japanese artwork on the bike helmet.

Asep's Chevrolet Impala

Asep's Chevrolet Impala

Asep, the owner of Switchblade lifestyle diner, is the proud owner of this star car, a modified Chevrolet Impala with air suspension lift kit and a muscular V8 engine. He is also the brainchild of this event and he is responsible for bringing this wonderful customs and modification culture to Malaysia for the first time. It was great for me to witness the Impala first hand in Malaysia, as Left hand drive cars or more-so, American cars are pretty scarce in Malaysia, due to the horrific road tax system, that taxes cars on engine cubic-capacity or size. The V8 growl was definitely an awesome engine soundtrack that took my heart away.

Julian Acid, from Malaysian Rock & Roll Band, with a female fan

Julian Acid, from Malaysian Rock & Roll Band, with a female fan

Rock and roll music were played until late evening. After the bands had wrapped it up for the night, participants of the Midnight cruise were told to assemble in front of the Square, to be led by the local Royal Malaysian Police bike outriders for a car cruise around the city of Kuala Lumpur.

Bright Orange Celica in the dark

Bright Orange Celica in the dark

I brought my passenger along and we went off in style, revving the engines loud in my 1995 Jeep Wrangler and hooning around the city of Kuala Lumpur, along with other cars and bikes. We started our journey from Publika, passing by Jalan Duta, Jalan Kuching, Jalan Tun Razak, Jalan Bukit Bintang, Jalan Sultan Ismail, and then back towards Jalan Duta again to assemble our cars and bikes in front of the Istana Negara car park for a photography session with the event organisers and participants. (Editor’s Malay language translation note : Jalan = Road ; Istana Negara = National Palace)

Rendezvous at Istana Negara

Rendezvous at Istana Negara

About 20-30 cars of Japanese, European and American mix turned up for the Midnight cruise. The event was overall a great success. I wish that in the future, there will be more JDM participation, but this is just the beginning, and being this successful, I have faith that JDM participation will increase.

Words – Kevin Lee

Photos – Kevin Lee




Not everyday you come face to face with legends, and we were extremely lucky to be able to feature a pristine 1975 TA23 Celica that belonged to one of my many friends who had a united passion for restoring and maintaining Japanese Legends. Read more


I simply could not believe it. I just stood there staring at it in disbelief, wondering if it was really the genuine holy grail for all Zed lovers. Could it be the rarest and most valuable Fairlady Zed in the world; the Fairest Lady of them all?

 Read more


I’m going to show you around an extremely special little EF9 that is packed with modifications and built to such a high standard but at first glance you may just pass over it without a second look at it because it appears…normal.

 And yet, there is so much under the surface here, that it’d be foolish to overlook it! Trust me, this EF is properly hardcore. I had some quiet time with the car to see what really made it tick and then a rundown on what went into the build with the owner… Read more

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