2010 JCCA FSW Classic Car Festival – Part 1

April has been a huge month at Fuji Speedway this year. In particular, the sights and smells of more than 300 of the most deeply loved and respected classics turned out under warm temperatures and blue skies to put on an all encompassing car meet to end all car meets.

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Video: Wild Hakosuka GT-R at Fuji Speedway

I was at FSW recently to take care of a few matters – one the Skyline GTS-T you saw in a previous post and the other being the massive event being held that day – the 2010 JCCA Classic Car Fuji Jamboree.

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Daikoku Futo: TA22 Celica

February 1, 2010 by  
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The affectionately named “coke bottle” TA22 Celica and its ubiquitous twincam engines had all the hallmarks of a voluptuous design without the weight – a car that could weigh as little as 920kg and easily pack as much as 160 naturally aspirated horses under the hood.
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TRD 2000

October 24, 2009 by  
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What better way for Toyota to cash in on the success of the JTCC than to jam a 3S-GE into a AE101 Corolla/Ceres sedan?

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The Hunt For The Subaru ACX-II

August 24, 2009 by  
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7Tune.com gets some interesting requests sometimes, but none more interesting than to help with Clint Czarnecki’s bid to uncover the whereabouts of the famed Subaru ACX-II concept car shown at the 26th Tokyo Motor Show in 1985.

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Yahoo Auction Find: Toyota 18R-G Twin Turbo Kit

August 19, 2009 by  
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The 18R-G(E)(U) could be found in practically anything with a “2000GT” badge in Toyota’s line up from the late 70s to early 80s including the RA40 Carina and RA25/28/35 Celicas. Someone at Sigma thought adding two turbochargers to the old girl was just what was needed.

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Abandoned In Japan: The Schnitzer Group 5 Celica

If there’s a JDM race car’s history with a bigger hole in it than Trust’s Schnitzer Celica LB Turbo, I’d like to know what it is! Essentially we have a car that we know how it ended up, but no idea how it got there. 

The Schnitzer Toyota Celica LB Turbo in 1977.

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Immaculate KP510 Datsun Bluebird Coupe Up Close

I managed to organize a photo shoot with the very tidy KP510 Bluebird coupe I saw in a holding yard a few days ago but things didn’t all go to plan.

Saved from a barn in Kansai

Saved from a barn in Kansai

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Nostalgic Car Show 2009 – Common Snapper

June 21, 2009 by  
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Nostalgic Car Show 2009 Pt. 1

There’s just something about classic cars that has always made me drop anything that I’m doing and go in for a closer look. Whether it be a small die-cast toy, a magazine or the real deal, I just can’t keep away. nostalgic_show_2009-205.jpg Read more

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