Classic JDM Cars

1986 Subaru Leone RX/II Turbo Coupe

Long before the Impreza and even the Legacy, the 1979-84 AB series Leone ushered in the new era of 4WD turbo cars in Subaru’s line up… although it was the next model, the AG6 Leone RX/II Turbo, that stole the limelight.

1998 JTCC SYMS GF8 Subaru Impreza Wagon

In the final year of the JTCC a new contender from SYMS challenged the much more experienced Toyota Chaser and Corona Exiv factory teams and in doing so laid the foundation for future GC/GF Impreza competition in the JGTC.

B12 Nissan Sunny RZ-1 Nismo

While the B12 Sunny had many variations in its lineup, the most coveted model was the RZ-1 Nismo. It was a 2-door coupe which – to some may have been a little bizarre – used an NA 1.6L engine instead of the E15ET turbo offered in the RZ-1 Turbo Type A and B.

TRD 3000GT

The TRD 3000GT was first shown at the 1994 Tokyo Auto Salon much to the delight of Toyota fans and tuning car fans in general. The JZA80 Toyota Supra was already well recieved, and for TRD to bring out such extreme parts for it was sensational at the time. The TRD 3000GT body kit extended …

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Autech Zagato Stelvio

Autech was originally started as a subsidiary of Nissan Motor Co. in 1986 producing limited run models and various other specialty cars (including driving aids for disabled people) and has since created a certain mystique amongst Nissan enthusiasts, not least because of Autech’s various Skyline and Silvia variants. At the time in the late 1980’s, …

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