So you might have seen the Suzuki Cappuccino and thought, “What are Kei cars and why do they look so girly?” Well, we’re going to take a closer look at Kei cars, the most misunderstood vehicle outside of Japan.

What is Drift Matsuri?

Drift Matsuri is an event held thrice a year in Japan. Literally translated it means “drift festival”. For 36 straight hours; that’s right, non-stop drifting and social events. It’s commonly held on the Ebisu Circuit (split into many courses) which is in the Fukushima Prefecture in Japan over a weekend. There can be close to 400 …

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What is JDM?

Been thinking about this recently and i still need more thoughts on it. What is JDM? If you look at the Japanese scene you see a vast interpretation of ideas and concepts. But overseas you see something different. Is it purely the superficial representations in the form of wakaba leaf and Gramlights wheels? Or is …

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