JDM Feature Cars

Global Auto – Osaka GT-R Dealer

“We sell and buy GT-R…” That’s somewhat of an understatement as Global Auto are probably the biggest dealer of modified Skyline GT-Rs in Japan. We made the trip down to Sakai city in Osaka to take a closer look.

Industrial Strength Domestic

Direct from its home near the industrial backblocks of Osaka, it would seem that this S13 Nissan Silvia has seen more than its fair share of action, but theres much more to come… This car has lived through it all.

1998 JTCC SYMS GF8 Subaru Impreza Wagon

In the final year of the JTCC a new contender from SYMS challenged the much more experienced Toyota Chaser and Corona Exiv factory teams and in doing so laid the foundation for future GC/GF Impreza competition in the JGTC.


A complete makeover for your Mazda RX-8, in monoCRAFT’s own words: “We want people to enjoy a unique car with happiness as its theme.”

The Golden Child

Owning your own brand of tuner parts certainly can have its advantages. It’s therefore no surprise that Lachlan Wen of 999 Automotive and K.L.S. in Brisbane has a rather special personal car, bearing all the tasty fruit.