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Keepin it clean

Spend any amount of time in Japan and you will soon notice that the locals really care about how their car looks!! From the Taxi drivers and Police cars, to your average daily commuter. This Audi is no exception.

Conbini Cruiser

Was riding my bicycle to the local Joshin electronics store when this red R35 GT-R came into view parked outside a Lawson convenience store (“Conbini” is Japanese for convenience store) in Nada-ku, Kobe.

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086A To Use New Legacy Base..

The Second Coming.. With rumors of cancellations and postponements abound for the new Toyota/Subaru sports car, new rumors have sprung up showing that Toyota are still in fact keeping to plan and not letting the global financial crisis get in the way of development.

IS-F Evolution

In an age where auto-makers around the world are drastically cutting production, closing factories and focusing on greener more economical cars, one company is going against the grain. Cue the Lexus and the IS-F.

New Mazda RX-7 + New RX-8 = RX-9

Goodbye 4-door RX-8, hello “new RX-7” or to be specific, the RX-9. Mazda’s new 2-door flagship sports car has a few tricks up it’s sleeve and development is well underway…

Nismo Festival 2008 – Fuji Speedway

Well guys, another year has almost come to an end, but for us its one of the most exciting times here in Japan. December and January spells out some great events in the automotive calendar, one of them the Nismo Festival.

Another Global Export R33 Drag GT-R

  Another very tough R33 GT-R from Global Export, this one isn’t quite as brutal as our “Sleeper Drag GT-R” feature car but it still has enough in it to scare just about anything else on the street.

Rock & Roll!!

[singlepic id=1566 w=587 h=392 float=center] Theres a lot of Nissan S15’s out and about, but none of them Rock and Roll like this one!