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Last week, we passed a very significant milestone at 7Tune and that was welcoming our 77,777th fan to the Facebook page. This is no small matter since the page itself was only started in May of 2011 and in that very short space of time has become one of the fastest growing automotive pages on Facebook. We have the fans, their friends and supporting pages to thank for that…

So to celebrate, we decided to hold a huge giveaway of prizes. 7 lucky people ( of course, all good things come in Se7ens ) are going to walk away with a bundle of 7Tune gear valued at $100 USD by participating in this awesome competition. The packs themselves contain prized items that we have been selling and incidentally, will also include one of our new range of tee-shirts that we are about to release for sale.

Winners will get their choice of the following tee-shirts and in their size preference – these aren’t even released yet so consider yourselves fortunate to be grabbing some of this loot before anyone else can!

You can choose either our “7-Laurel” design that we created to reflect our JDM sports-car heritage and attitude toward putting the driver first. It’s a 100% cotton, hand stitched, crewneck tee in Navy Blue with two white vertical stripes accentuated by the 7Ball and surrounded by a gold wreath.

The design is heat-transfer, meaning it is durable and should last a very long time in this condition.

The second choice for the lucky winners is the “S2K Touge” tee. Also a Crew neck, the watercolor design was created in-house by our talented graphic designer, Steven Neill, who has also put together some amazing work for future releases that will come before the end of the year.

It’s an emotive and descriptive design that paints the picture of what driving in Japan ( or anywhere else for that matter ) embodies and reflects our belief that form follows function.

The third selection for the prize-getters is the “7-Billiard” tee; a street wear style crew neck tee that pays homage to the 7Ball emblem.

This is a stark and bold design that we thought of with the signature and iconic 7-Ball in mind.

The last item to choose from is the signature 7TUNE tee; also in black and crew neck with a large Orange and white 7Tune across the chest…

…and a large 7-Ball on the bottom left rear of the shirt.

But it’s not just Tee-shirts we are giving away. Each prize pack will also get 2 x 7Tune vinyls and the limited edition Orange 7Tune Keyring that has been selling like crazy. Only 777 of these key-rings were made so you will be in very exclusive company with this.

But probably the most special prizes are the ones that have graciously provided by Abflug and Hearts. Abflug President’s Pink Spider 911 is a Wangan legend and previously ran in the world famous Mid Night club. It has been immortalized in caricature by talented graphic artist Aya.Co. There are only 7 of these that will ever be printed and each has it’s own serial number.

“So, How do I get my hands on this loot!?”, I hear you ask? Well that’s easy.

To be eligible to win, we want you all to submit a suggestion in the comments below on how the new 7Tune should be. Your ideas will help shape the future of what is about to come. The fact is that we are launching a brand new platform that will dwarf the current website you are reading this on and we are pouring a ton of time and money into making this new platform everything you guys would want it to be.

Tell us what you would like to see, how you would like the site to function and what kind of features you would like to have access to.

We are looking for your suggestions to fine tune something amazing – so make them count! The 7Tune team will choose the best 7 suggestions from all entries submitted and then start handing out the prizes to those who we decide have made the best recommendations on how the new 7Tune should be.

This competition will run for one week from today – meaning, until this time next Friday, the 19th of October. We will announce the winners on Monday, the 22nd of October!

Make sure to leave a valid email address in your registration for the competition otherwise we won’t know who to send the prizes to!

Good Luck and put some thought into how YOU want 7Tune to be and how it should function!

7Tune. The Ultimate JDM Experience Since 2005.

Words and Photos – Adam Zillin

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  • Dominik Zenki Rodrigues

    Get sponsored,go into drifting/racing or something like that.

  • Dominik Zenki Rodrigues

    Get sponsored and go into drifting.
    Something like the BDC equivalent to whereever you guys are.
    Start doing meets as well.
    Weekly + special monthly meets or something.
    I know Zillin’s been to Daikoku Futo already ;)

  • Steve W

    Have to say I’m pretty pleased with the site as it is so far! More individual car features are always appreciated (especially if its something quirky or unusual!). I think snippets of video (raw audio please ;) ) would really add to the car features as well.

    Not sure if its something you can improve, but a modified search facility would be handy. I have occasionally wanted to find an article or feature I’ve read on here before and it can sometimes be difficult!

    Finally – and possibly something that isn’t really possible - I would love to see the 7Tune store offer more items, particularly Japanese motoring DVD’s. There is no reliable way of getting them here (in the UK) and, although I appreciate it would probably be of limited appeal to most, you guys offering that sort of product would be brilliant. Also more rarities (like the 10 year D1GP book/DVD) as well please!

  • Amad H Sein

    7Tune, should have more variety without leaving JDM behind (since that’s what made me like 7Tune , should expose the uncommon tuning scene (more Bosozoku, Tuned-to-craziness vans of Japan) , should have more Awesomeness,make the fans learn more about everything automotive, from a kid, to an adult!, more 7Tune Photography/Photographers, and more Coverage on meets around the globe (if possible)

  • Gmb7350

    Include an “odd swap of the week” so you can show my e30 with an XR4Ti engine and massive turbo (6.7l dodge cummins turbo) :3

  • Callum.C

    As a long time follower of 7Tune, I’m used to the current layout, A few tweeks here and there to it would be nice but thats about it if you ask me. Like having it so you can go and look for an articles by year/month. 

    One thing I’d like to see is a forum added, there was one if i remember but can’t seem to see it now. The Facebook page is nice and you do a great job talking to us on it, but a forum could be good as people could talk and share info on JDM related stuff as well as there cars, builds & restorations, also have a ‘Members ride’ each month thats done as a article?

    It’d also be nice if you did articles on the cars that don’t get the limelight like others do, such as the Isuzu Bellett GT-R or the Honda City Turbo to name a few. Also get into the details of things like whats been tuned and such, really ‘geek’ out on the info and such!

    Also seeing how non JDM cars are represented in Japan, I remember an article earlier this year from a meet and there was Ford’s, Renualts, Peugeots and such like there.

    Whatever you do though, I can bet it’ll be great anyway! Keep up the extremely good work! 

  • lanchime

    I currently love the content 7Tune publishes especially the car events and festivals. The photography is excellent and I have no doubt that 7Tune will continue this quality. Something I would suggest is maybe a blog that details the ownership of JDM cars or maybe have the 7Tune team start a project car and publish blogs on upgrades/mods and track experience. While a bit off-topic, even a feature about a daily life in Japan would be interesting. This will give people some idea of owning a JDM car and a glimpse of actually living in Japan. I can say that reading 7Tune articles have led to many dream car projects I hope to fulfill one day.

  • Steve White

    Have to say I’m pretty pleased with the site as it is so far! More individual car features are always appreciated (especially if its something quirky or unusual!). I think snippets of video (raw audio please ;) ) would really add to the car features as well.

    Not sure if its something you can improve, but a modified search facility would be handy. I have occasionally wanted to find an article or feature I’ve read on here before and it can sometimes be difficult!

    Finally – and possibly something that isn’t really possible - I would love to see the 7Tune store offer more items, particularly Japanese motoring DVD’s. There is no reliable way of getting them here (in the UK) and, although I appreciate it would probably be of limited appeal to most, you guys offering that sort of product would be brilliant. Also more rarities (like the 10 year D1GP book/DVD) as well please!

  • Will Anton Jeffery

    As far as coverage goes, you guys fill my fb page more than any other thread I’ve subscribed to so all is well in that department.

    Being from Australia, it is difficult to experience “the ultimate JDM experience”. I, and I think most other people, would love you guys to have a section of tips or even links as to how we can import cars, parts and accessories from Japan. I think you guys have a big enough presence now to potentially hook up with an import outfit or even discount parts chain (UP Garage would be awesome). There are millions of videos and forums out there if people want to know how to modify and tune their cars. From my part of the world, the MightyCarMods boys have done a wonderful job there (bonus tip, hook up with these guys for advertising purposes). But importing, this is something that I have not been able to find a lot of info about. The section should even cover customs details and fees depending on what country you are wanting to ship something.

    We can’t all live in Japan to experience what you guys do everyday. The next best thing would be the option of having a little bit of Japan showing up were we live.

  • The Champ

    hey guys
    My thoughts on this new site/page i would love to see some demos on like “how to…” as stated in previous comments. An example is: basic installation of popular aftermarket parts. I would also like to see reviews and opinions of any product that can relate to the automotive world. I would also like to be informed of major events happening in north america and also around the world in a categorized area. And finally, everyone probably can agree with myself is the you guys gotta show some awesome footage of these events -car meets, drifting, and races. 

  • Darthbabo

    To be honest what I’d like to see are more features on the locals cars maybe a workshop feature or two. I’d also like to see some videos of the action that you guys see, other than that the only other thing I’d like to see really are more how to articles.

  • David Chen

    As Leno suggested, a wider content column would be great, and being able to filter content by months of the year (or from the last 30/60/90 days), and definitely don’t forget a “show all” option. The right-hand column seems a bit messy at this stage… could do with a tidy up of information overload.
    I would love to see more merchandise too! Sticker & t-shirt designs, misc goodies from Japan etc.Also the “how-to” guide suggested by another user would be great if it included how/where to check out some automotive action when travelling e.g. recently I went to Japan and visited Spoon/TypeONE, SEEKER, J’s Racing etc. How to get there, what to expect (tuning warehouse only, shop for merch/souvenirs if visiting, open hours) etc. Maybe even allow a section for user submissions/reviews for each place. (Doesn’t necessarily have to be only Japan – Thailand, USA, Australia, New Zealand etc.)
    This information would need to be arranged in a easy-to-navigate structured section though, and not just as a sea of messy forum subjects posts.

    If a forum is on the agenda-
    I’m sure many 7tune viewers are avid GT5/Forza and misc. car video game fans wouldn’t mind sharing their gamerIDs, post/share content (photos/videos/tunes/designs) and start online 7-tune car clubs etc. (Forza comes to mind)

    A section for users to post feedback on online or physical stores & retailers, and perhaps feedback on parts etc.

    Being able to share information on upcoming events based on each locale would be great too.

  • AJ Kennedy

    This is a fantastic website as it is, but one thing I would love to see would be a ‘Rate My Ride’ section to be added. So that fans can submit there own cars and we can rate them.

  • Kadir D

    I´d like to have more information about the the cars. drivers and so on. More Spec data on cars, why the driver choosed to tune that car etc.
    And videos ! Definitly more videos!

    Fore the community I think a small forum section will be nice, where all 7TUNE fans can write to each other , give some tipps about tuning etc. and present their cars and so on.
    For now this should be enough and sorry for my bad english because it isn´t my native language :D

  • Allyn

    I meet 7tune by facebook share, now I enjoy every bit of it. Honestly I would say to see more JDM classics. Also thought about a Car of The Day or Month feature section that explains about that model history. I live in oregon, which I don’t see many good jdm classics or exclusive Japanese cars for example Toyota Starlet, skyline, chasers, Toyota Crown etc…

  • Tylwld

    Out of all the automotive sites I visit and blogs or pages I follow, 7tune is in my top three for sure and always will be no matter how it changes, but if it were to do so, I think setting it up in a way similar to the way Speedhunters did would be awesome, having different tabs for event features or car features or the Good buy or Goodbye (I love those) or videos, etc. Keeping the load time down is also important, so many sites remodel and then have a setup that takes forever to load, that seems like one step forward and two steps back in my opinion. Ease of use is what will keep people coming back, aside from everything 7Tune already has to offer! 

                    Thanks, Tyler.   [email protected]

  • Kerwin Yauco

    Im thinking 7tune should be making their own video now :) cause there`s nothing more i can suggest than that. 7tune is already being what it should be.

  • Meganscreations7

    I would suggest having different categories for everything to make it easier to wade through all the information. Especially for tuner shops and locations. I love all the pictures. I live in japan and love seeing all the Radom cars you can find behind every corner.

  • Andreas

    Honestly, this site, its pictures and descriptions capture the essence of JDM for people who can’t travel to different parts of the world to experience the diversity of JDM. Its great that 7tune is going strong. 

    My suggestions would be:
    -To include more features on Formula 1. It would be good to learn from the world’s best drivers and become a better driver. (Shoot for the moon, land among the stars)

    -A biography/interview/QA from Drivers at F1/D1/Best motoring/Hot version) & 
    7Tune member’s success stories, how they started their JDM journey, how they found the passion, time and money.

    -Thumbnails or a general preview/insight on each topic/article that is posted to allow the sight to be more user friendly.

    -A JDM enthusiast must do’s. Ie tips and suggestions on trips to Japan to experiencing JDM at his source, from cruising on the wangan, to drifting around at Ebisu.

    -To more location specific tips on choosing a car, driving courses, modification, entering local competitions.

    Hope these suggestions help ;)

  • Roy Lampl

    Branch out into sectors and have contacts in those sectors, USA, AUS, JAP ect.
    Through those sectors expand by supplying small clothing shops with your products, support and supply automotive shops, import warehouses ect. Advertising/Publishing deals in those sectors would be a priority.
    Divide and concur the market.
    Have divisions on your website too. Australian section, USA, JAPAN ect. With relevant sponsors, advertisers. And break those main pages AUSTRALIA for example in to STATES and offer STATE advertising deals.
    You might as well set up 7TUNE forums.

  • Darcy B

    What 7 tune needs, in my mind, is a forum that goes through almost every JDM car from manufacturer, model, series and variant for people to post their knowledge and ask questions about aspects of their cars. Wether it be cosmetic, engine or driveline sections or just a general space for any questions. I think people would love to use this as a resource and would regularly refer to it for information. Admittedly I don’t know the logistics or costs of setting up a user forum but If what you say is true, and the new 7 tune would dwarf the old one, i think a forum could really help in attracting more people to the site, the 7tune company and lifestyle.

    In the meantime, continue doing exactly what your doing. Because its brilliant.

  • Tyler

    Ive been following 7tune for ages and to be honest, I can’t fault anything! 

    The only thing that would make this site better is if more people knew about it. Im always sharing your photos and page to my friends and getting them to like it!

    So I think that the best way to improve, is to have a bigger audience!

  • Tom Davis

    Well i think 7Tune needs a forum like as “@0f6ef5d9e6fa5f07362cf0f2df9c3bc8:disqus” said but also the forum could have different topics such as “pic of the day” , social – where upcoming events organised or local meets can be arranged … also we can have a members page where you can show off your own cars , ask questions about cars , help with cars , and just admiring them … you could add a topic for people out there who go to events and take pictures such as myself where we can add our pictures on to show you and the public their tallent and also what happened at the event’s…

    I think that if my idea was put forward it would bring more people to participate in viewing the 7Tune website and also the new forum.

    Thanks for your time, i will be keeping a eye out to see if you use my idea :)

    Tom – [email protected] 

  • Shervin Gohari

    You guys take a lot of nice photos, you are talanted photographers and I think you need to showcase your work. A “portfolio” section with all your best shots would be awesome.

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