Complete list of Japanese Race Tracks/Circuits

Laurence Janus founder of has been hard at work compiling a list of all the important circuits around Japan. Pretty much all of them are 100% Japanese text, if you require any more info on any of the tracks, leave a comment here with what you are after and we would be more than happy to translate.

Tokachi Speedway
New Chitose Motorland
Shiraoi Carland
Motorland SP
Sportsland Sugo
Sendai Hi-land
SS Park
Gunma Cycle Sports Center
Kanetsu Sportsland
Okegawa Sportsland
Minami Chiba
Mobara Twin
Fuji Speedway
Nihonkai Maze
Sportsland Yamanashi
Autoland Tsukude
Motorland Mikawa
Suzuka Twin
Motorland Suzuka
Meihan Sportsland
Bihoku Highland
Motorworld Sportsland
Tokushima Kartland
Sportsland Tamada
Hadashi Tengoku
Mobility Omuta
DEC Sekia Hills
Laurence is also availiable to assist anyone travelling to Japan in organizing the ultimate drifting adventure. His knowledge of circuits and events around Japan is second to none!

Steven Neumann

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  • Laurence

    In case anyone is wondering the list is ordered by location from North to South.

  • KoguchiPower

    Very Usefull! Prefect for remaking track into Games. :) tqvm

  • Brockmudge

    hey there i can coming to japan in setember 2nd til the 10th is there any events near tokyo, or where i can hire a car and drive on track any info would help thanks?

  • Chris Williams

    Hi, im travelling to Chiba,Tokyo,Osaka and Kyoto starting from mid september. I really want to see some drifting in those areas but dont know where to start, as much as id like to able to read Japanese, i cant! Please could you point me in the right direction, any advice would be much appreciated! and do you have info on drift rentals?

  • Testo

    What’s the name of the track on the picture above?

  • megan

    Just wondering why T.S. takata circuit in Hiroshima and Okayama international circuitwas left off the list.

  • Liv

    Hello, I am trying to find a Drifting Experience for my husband around Tokyo. Can someone please give me some ideas?

  • Callie Balke

    we’re going to be in Tokyo early next year… Blair really wants to drive a fast Japanese car round a track (not drifting). Do you know of any track/circuits that do something like a performance car driving experience within day trip from Tokyo?
    All the websites are in Japanese so it’s hard to find info.

  • AndonisK

    im in Japan now and am interested in driving some fast japanese car in a racetrack. where can i find Laurence to organise this for me?


  • Kristina

    Can Anyone please inform me on where I can go to watch drifting near Okinawa, Japan?

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