Customized Minivans Gain Momentum

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Some might see it as merely a fad, but the fact remains that Minivans and Kei cars are gaining momentum in Japan with no sign of slowing down. Here are 6 examples of some of the best after market parts and accessories available for the ‘one box’ segment.D.A.D ZX Edition Honda Stream

Garson brand D.A.D have the ZX line of aero parts available for the current model Honda Stream which give it an even more sleek look, together with the Zuenglein Dolci.C ’3D Chrome’ wheels that compliment the black paint perfectly. Garson says: “The D.A.D ZX Edition blends sporty looks and European luxury for an overall image that lives up to the D.A.D design concept. It succeeds in giving off an air of luxury well above the standard model.”

BALSARINI Honda Stepwagon by G-Sqaure

G-Square went to great lengths to produce a totally new face for the current Honda Stepwagon adding 50mm to it’s total length. G-Square say the front design is totally unique, without even a hint of retaining any design elements from the base model. The Luftbahn DR5 Monoblock wheels are a perfect choice for the stark white bodywork and are available in 3 different finishes.

CLAUDIA Honda Odyssey by Au-to Bahn Sports

Au-to Bahn Sports chose the name Claudia because of “the graceful image one imagines when saying it.” Lines were kept clean and simple without destroying the unmistakable look of the Odyssey, also giving a sense of elegance with chrome parts such as the front mesh grille and door handles matching the tail light assembly. A ever so subtle rear wing has been added showing attention to detail and giving the package a slight ‘sporty mood’.

PREGGIA TISSIMO Daihatsu Move Custom by Custombody Loop

The Custom version of the Daihatsu Move is already blessed with good looks (especially compared to the regular Move model) but that didn’t stop Custombody Loop from giving the Move Custom an even more unique look. A simple, harmonious style was achieved while adding some unique features such as the dual fog lights on either side of the front bumper which actually match the 996 Porsche Turbo style dual exhaust pipes on either side at the rear. It’s small details like this coupled with simple and good looking aero parts which Custombody Loop pride themselves on.

XANADU Toyota Estima

The sleek, aerodynamic look of the Estima has been enhanced with Xanadu’s aero parts with great success, giving it a proper ‘Dress Up’ VIP image. All the cars featured until now have taken a more simpler approach to body styling, but Xanadu went for large bumpers and side skirts with an equally large rear wing which suits the full-size Estima’s sharp edged styling well. Many vans are catered for in Xanadu’s line up, even the E51 Toyota El Grand which doesn’t seem to be a likely VIP van at first.

WALD Executive Line Toyota Estima

Taking a different approach to Estima styling, WALD International went for an ‘elegant Euro style’ to appeal to customers not only from Japan, but around the world. The body kit has been designed to bulk up the area below the waistline, helping drag the body down to the pavement while keeping the design interesting with features such as the front turn indicators being moved and hidden behind the front grille. As is common amongst Minivan styling circles, a luxurious image has been sought after, in this case reminiscent of Mercedes Benz and Aston Martin.

Text: Justin Karow

Photos: TrendWagon

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