Daikoku Futo – Kaidou Racers

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You may remember a while back we took a trip down memory lane…

By that we mean the Shuto Kousoku Doro, or Shutoko for short, over to Yokohama and its dock area Daikoku Futo. Whilst we were there we caught a few glimpses of a few wild cars and the result was this article. We did though make a promise to ourselves that we would be back for more,   so not so long ago, we took a trip back down that memory lane and came across something you’d only see in Japan. Kaidou Racers!

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As soon as we got into the car park this group of six Kaidou Racers or, Highway Racers were packed off to one side. To say that they stuck out was an understatement. The huge front ‘lip’ extensions, bonnet extensions, oil coolers hanging out the front and not to mention the wild fenders with equally wild deep dish rims set off these cars like nothing we had seen before! And look how low they are!

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In the pack, we spotted a GX70 Soarer, GX71 Cresta, a pair of GX71 Mark II’s, a S13 Silvia and a crazy Soarer-nosed Celica XX. Fearing some retribution for shooting without permission, we approached the owners, including Satoru Nakamura the owner of the Celica, and were pleasantly surprised by.. well how pleasant they were! So off we started to shoot. Before who should turn up? The boys in blue.

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Being ‘late’, Yokohamas finest set off, setting everyone else off and out of the car park. We were dying to stay but like everyone else were given our marching orders. Before the police got any closer, the Kaidou Racers had left and we managed to snap off a few more cars before being promptly yelled at by the police with megaphones to move on. Not exactly the best night, but not a night we’ll forget any time either!

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