Daikoku Futo Panorama

The world famous parking area Daikoku Futo continues to thrive. 7tune visits regularly and it has its moments – some nights are truly epic and others, along with the clothes we wear, are dampened thanks to the weather – or the local Police…


No matter though; this is the place to be when it comes to a midnight rendezvous between friends looking for somewhere to go. Some at different speeds and there is almost always something to see – leave your loyalties at home.


If you are a car fanatic, there is no excuse for not visiting Daikoku Futo at least once on your travels through Japan.

7tune will be back again very soon – in something European this time!

Words: Adam Zillin

Photos: Adam Zillin

21 thoughts on “Daikoku Futo Panorama”

  1. That second shot is incredible – one day I will make it one of these gatherings!…

    …in the meantime please keep the pictures and reports coming!

  2. I made the trip to this epic parking lot in March this year and it was spectacular 🙂 We looked very out of place but it was well worth it. Getting into the place was an absolute mission not having a car or knowing exactly how to get into the place at 9m but we “managed” to find a way and it was an experience that’s for sure. If anyone would like some pictures let me know.

  3. Amazing, def. a place to go if in Japan, and I hate how the Police is calling reckless driving what we call skills.

  4. I started visiting once every two months after I got my license, was having the first-generation GRB STi.

    Now that I have the latest Spec C STi (GRB/JDM) – still go there…

    Luv the place…

    Unfortunately, my pet peeve are those mini-vans with super LOUD speakers!

  5. *bj* – Yes we took a taxi to the area. Did a bit of investigation and in the end found it easier to get a taxi. Speaking practically no Japanese made it quite amusing explaining to the driver where we wanted to go but he dropped us off pretty much outside the place 🙂 Just happened to be in Yokohama that day and decided to make the trip, well worth it. I have a few pics I’l try get up tonight, a couple turned out ok.

  6. Weekends are the best times to go – usually things heat up around 9pm or 10pm and go as long as possible.

    Also days like the 7/7 (Mazda RX7), 8/8 (RX-8), 8th of the June (Toyota 86), March 2/3/4/5 (R32,R33,R34,R35)

  7. ouh nice, thank you Adam. I will go beginning of june so as may is very busy with races and events 😉

  8. i already have my calendar. I am a racing driver for a team here in Japan (Osaka) and i have Central on 16/05, Crossfive on 23/05, and HistoriX on the 30/05. June i h

  9. WOW!!! this’s like lala land… looking forwards for the 8th june and how about for the jdm classic car day??

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