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Long time readers may remember Jesse Streeter from our Industrial Strength Domestic article we ran back in July 2007. Well he’s back and the car is still around albeit in slightly more abused condition! Actually it’s pretty surprising the car is only slightly worse for wear even after its most recent crash at Meihan Sports Land a little over a week ago.

If you’ve seen our original article you’ll be pretty well up to speed on Jesse’s story and how he came to be in possession of this incredibly rugged 1992 S13 Nissan Silvia. Right from day one the car has been drifted and about the only ongoing problem has been the never ending quest for more power. Aside from the bright orange front fenders and aero parts sourced from a friend, the biggest change to the car has been under the hood. The whole engine has been replaced, Jesse says it was cheaper to replace the whole engine (with upgraded turbo kit, camshafts etc) than source a turbo kit and parts by themselves. The end result is basically the same as before but now with a Trust TD06-20G running 1.3bar boost, 272 degree camshafts, 1000cc injectors, valve springs, metal head gasket, Sard fuel regulator and an upside down HPI intercooler running shorter intercooler piping. The upside down intercooler necessitated the removal of the air conditioner which is a small price to pay for more power… actually with a humid Japanese summer coming up it might be a big price to pay!


On the outside, a set of 50mm rear over fenders were riveted on to cover the damaged caused by scraping the wall at Meihan Sports Land. Now these need to be covered with another set of over fenders again! Some repairs had been made to make the car ever so slightly presentable, but at the same time make it obvious that Streeter isn’t afraid to, not just scrape, but slam the Meihan wall. The orange aero parts are from a retired drift car and consist of a Vertex front bumper, side skirts and front fenders. The rear spoilers are both from D-Max and the 50mm rear over fenders are Origin items. The Garage S hood may look familiar to some, it’s the same one from the car’s previous incarnation only now it’s painted white. One question that popped up more than once was, “What’s www.onenation.co.jp?” Jokes about the controversial Australian political party aside (it goes by the same name), we couldn’t find anything on the URL after a quick search so if anyone has any information please let us know.


The interior has had a few minor changes such as the very Australian “Redback Spider” gear knob and a monster 115mm Defi boost gauge where the 3 vertically mounted gauges used to be mounted on the drivers side rollcage tubing. There are also 3 other Defi gauges mounted just above the central air vents where only one unit used to reside. Other than that it’s business as usual inside. From the passenger seat it was a blast sliding around Meihan Sports Land’s C-course and the only thing lacking was a good grab handle! The car felt very rigid and showed no signs of letting up even after all it’s been through. It’s a little sad to hear that Jesse has decided to retire the S13 at the end of this year… if he doesn’t destroy it first! What’s next? He’s not sure yet but you can bet it’ll be kissing the wall at Meihan just as soon as the transfer of ownership is completed.


Over the last year and nine months Jesse has been driving as much as possible at Meihan, made the occasional visit to Suzuka Twin circuit and  the mountains north-east of Osaka. The infamous Nanko drift spot, which any Osaka resident even remotely interested in cars would know about, was shut down almost 2 years ago by the Police and resulted in a very sad situation for one of our close friends Laurence (who shot the video for our 2007 AE86 Festival coverage). That’s another whole article in itself so I won’t hijack this one! Needless to say, since then the drift community in Osaka has been quite low key and has meant visits to Meihan Sports Land and other nearby venues have become a lot more frequent.

So what’s in store for 2009? First and foremost it’s to have fun and now that Jesse has the power he needs, all effort can be put into practice and to be competitive at the top of the Expert Class at Meihan drift events. Jesse also has been hanging out with Team Halloween (the leader runs a shop called Wish) and is keen to do more mountain drifting with them. All this is happening outside of working hours of course! Jesse is also busy running an automotive parts export business and would be happy to help out with any requests for parts you may have. He also has a website in the making, but in the meantime if you’d like to contact him you can by following this link for contact details.


Engine and Driveline:
Trust TD06 20G  (1.0kg/cm boost)
Stainless Exhaust Manifold
272 degree Ex and In camshafts
Rocker Arm Stopper kit
Nismo 550cc Injectors
Apexi Power FC
2 core Radiator
HKS type R Oil cooler kit
Cusco Oil Catch Can
GTR fuel pump
HPI upside down mounted Intercooler
Standard Nissan 5 speed manual transmission
ATS 2-way LSD
3 Puck Clutch
Lightened Flywheel

Suspension, Brake, Wheel and Tire:
6 R33 GT-R 17″ x 9″ +30 rims with 215/45/17 tires (25mm bolt on spacers)
2 x 18″ x 10 +20 Work Vs KF with 235/40/18 tires (5mm slip on spacers)
2x 17 x 11 -8 Work VsKF  with 235/45/17 tires
2 x 17″ x 9 +5 Work Vs KF with 235/40/17 tires
Slotted stock S13 rear rotors with stock S13 calipers (stock Nissan brake pads)
R33 Skyline GTS25t front brakes with C34 5-stud hubs
Tein HE Coilovers with camber adjustment
Ikeya Formula tie rods and tie rod ends with 6mm spacers
Tein Tension Rods
S14 Silvia front lower control arms
Cusco rear upper control arms
Riverside (Kuroi) Special knuckles
HICAS Lock system

6-Point bolt in Rollcage
330mm Nardi Steering wheel
Razo pedals
Redback Spider gearknob
Pod filter (type unknown)
Racing Full Bucket Seat (type unknown)
Dump pipe into straight 3″ system
Hand brake button
Strut Brace (type unknown)
Defi 115mm Boost Gauge
Defi Oil pressure Gauge
Defi Oil Temp Gauge
Defi Water Temp Gauge

Square (non-projector) headlights
Vertex front bumper
Vertex side skirts
Vertex front fenders
Garage S carbon bonnet
FRP trunk lid
D-Max roof and trunk spoilers

Words: Justin Karow

Images: Justin Karow

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  • SteveTX

    Wow! I had no idea he was running a parts export business–I just always assumed he was another English teacher with driver’s licence and a little extra cash. How long has he been doing that for?

  • http://teknik-numba22.blogspot.com/ Teknik#22

    sicc i love beater coupes

  • http://www.7tune.com Justin Karow

    Steve: I think he’s been doing the parts export thing all along, but in the last couple of years he’s done it full time.

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