DEC Circuit Sekia Hills Open Again

After declaring bankruptcy in April last year it looked like we’d seen the last of Sekia Hills, but it’s open again with a few events being held there recently.


We reported on Sekia Hills last April and at the time things looked pretty grim for the famous Kyushu circuit but there was a chance of the facility being bought by an interested party. We don’t have any details on who’s reopened Sekia Hills but thanks to one of our readers we can confirm that since December at least, things are pretty much back to normal with some Federal Tire sponsored events happening with Katsuhiro Ueo showing up and participating.

Ueo was running his wife’s S14 Nissan Silvia with a bunch of others at a few events around December and January and going by the gallery of photos it looks as though Sekia Hills never missed a beat since filing bankruptcy. Many thanks to Jeff M for the photos and tip!

Images: Jeff M

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8 thoughts on “DEC Circuit Sekia Hills Open Again”

  1. The more racetracks the better, and this one has a nice configuration too, but still it needs new paint and greener grass, to have the looks of a proper track.

  2. By the way this wasn’t a federal event it was just a another normal Friday hand around in the track, we were just lucky to see ueo with his wife’s s14 and i believe his brother’s red s15. Hoping to be back around April

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