GT Shop Endless BNR32 GT-R Demo Car

I’m sure many Japanese car enthusiasts have heard of ‘Endless’ before, with their sponsorship of the Endless ADVAN Fairlady Z in this years GT300 class of Super GT and being the manufacturers of highly respected brake components and also having a very effective team of Race Queens at each event they participate in. But Endless are probably best known for their blue brake pads, brake fluid and race proven brake discs and calipers. But we’re not going there today, oh no… we’re going to a much smaller operation – with the same name – based out in Senri-Chuo in Kobe, Hyogo-ken in western Japan.

GT Shop Endless gets confused with the larger Endless so many times they’re sick of talking about it! When I asked them if it’s a common occurrence they basically said “Yes… but only by foreigners! Let’s continue with the interview shall we?” Well… ok then. Actually, the owner of GT Shop Endless (who wishes to remain anonymous) was extremely friendly, allowing us as much time as we needed for our photo shoot and the interview. There were some other modified customer cars present on the day such as a Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution VII and an AE92 Toyota Corolla Levin, but the star of the show is their BNR32 Nissan Skyline GT-R drag car.

Upon arriving at GT Shop Endless you can’t help but instantly fix your eyes on the brilliant deep purple paint applied to the R32 GT-R. It’s not that it’s bright or anything, it’s just that when the purple is combined with the stark white Buddy Club Racing QF wheels it really catches your attention. The other thing that you can’t help but notice is the size of the place… it’s by no means big… or modern. GT Shop Endless has two locations, the workshop where the R32 GT-R demo car is and their ‘headquarters’ located about 5 minutes away by car. The workshop is quite small, but they can carry out all mechanical work right up to full engine rebuilds and even something called a ‘One Lap Coat’ where the entire car’s paint work is brought back to new again by individually hand polishing all painted surfaces and applying a special coating even to underbody parts which can be seen here: One Lap Coat

The R32 GT-R demo car itself is one example of how the Japanese have really good taste and resist the urge to go overboard with crazy graphics, colours and aero parts. To start with, the Endless R32 GT-R has an ‘N1’ style front bumper with a GT Shop Endless original front lip spoiler. Moving to the sides of the car, there’s a pair of ‘N1’ style side skirts and ever-so-subtly flared rear guards that have been extended outwards 30mm either side. At the rear, a standard rear bumper is teamed up with an ‘N1’ trunk spoiler and a 3D Carbon GT wing. Simple isn’t it? I think the subtle flaring of the rear guards really does wonders for the overall look of the car… just so long as there’s a wide rim with very low positive offset to fill the guard out! Speaking of rolling stock, the car runs the Buddy Club QF alloy wheels in 18×10 with Bridgestone Potenza RE540S 265/35-18 tyres (front and rear). Behind those massive wheels are AP Racing 6 pot calipers with 355mm rotors up front, and 4 pot calipers with 330mm rotors at the rear. A set of HKS Hipermax-Drag coil over suspension hides behind the very impressive AP braking system. The only graphics used on the car are GT Shop Endless’ ‘banner’ style logo running down both sides of the car just above the side skirts and the same banner running down the left hand side of the bonnet. A few Quantum, Greddy and Buddy Club stickers finish up what is a very tastefully thought out exterior.

Now to the engine bay. The first and foremost thing that screams for attention is the Trust T88-34D turbine trying it’s best (but not so successfully) to hide underneath the truly massive Auto Select strut tower bar. Boost pressure wasn’t mentioned as the car was about to undergo another tune up, but we can assume that at 680ps the T88 was well within its capabilities. Once you’ve finished eyeballing the turbo, the polished aluminum GT Shop Endless surge tank does away with Nissan’s 6 separate throttle bodies and replaces them with a single 90mm unit from the VH45DE found in the Infiniti Q45. The T88 turbo and the polished surge tank look absolutely brilliant alongside the cherry red cam covers of the RB26. Well, it’s actually not an RB26 anymore, as a HKS 2.8L kit has been installed, along with HKS 290 degree (in)/300 degree (ex) camshafts, HKS oil pump, HKS metal head gasket, HKS strengthened valve springs and a large capacity oil pan. In front of all this, a Trust 4-layer intercooler cools the inlet charge coupled to a GT Shop Endless original intercooler piping kit. Assisting with cooling duties is a Trust 16-row oil cooler and another GT Shop Endless original (!) 3 core aluminum radiator. An HKS F-Con Pro with a GT Shop Endless ‘special setting’ controls the RB28, and waste gases are expelled through a Fujitsubo Super Ti exhaust system. Altogether, this is a fairly ‘tried and tested’ approach to a big horsepower RB engine, albeit with a few GT Shop Endless original parts which, and it goes without saying, are of the highest quality.

The driveline consists of just a few major upgrades, being a Holinger 6-speed sequential gearbox (so I was told), an HKS ‘GD Clutch Pro’ triple plate clutch and ATS multiple disc rear LSD. The Holinger sequential gearbox weighs in at 2,250,000 yen (A$26,489) which cost more than the car itself! Rest assured, the gearbox can withstand anything the RB28DET can throw at it.

Inside the car is what I’d call a simplistic approach again, with everything aft of the front seat being stripped and thrown away revealing the car’s original black paint. A Safety 21 13-point rollcage has been installed, which according to our April model Asuka, makes entry and exit of the vehicle difficult, especially if you happen to be wearing a short skirt! Two bright red Recaro SP-GNII racing seats dominate up front, mated with a set of contrasting green Takata 4-point harnesses. The dashboard continues the simplistic approach (compared to other Demo cars we’ve featured). A Veilside 340 km/h speedometer and 12,000 rpm tachometer are the biggest changes to the otherwise standard looking gauge cluster, with matching white faced factory fuel, oil pressure, torque-split and water temperature gauges. A carbon-look gauge cluster cover finishes off a pretty fancy looking set of factory style gauges… well fancy for this kind of car! More ‘carbon look’ paneling has been used which brings the aging R32 dashboard into the 21st century somewhat. I personally didn’t like it, but the shroud around the gauge cluster does have a neat little slot just big enough for the Trust Profec B Boost Controller which is a nice touch. The same carbon look fascia extends over to the center console, while the white face treatment applied to the factory GT-R battery charge, oil temperature and turbo boost gauges. Just below the factory gauges on the center console are 2 Trust gauges for water temperature and turbo boost, giving a much more accurate reading than the factory gauges provide. Finally, to complete the interior modifications is a Momo Race steering wheel.

Despite there being license plates on the passenger seat, the GT Shop Endless GT-R was unregistered so that ruled out any street driving. That and the car was about to undergo another tune up, which the owner of GT Shop Endless said was “badly needed” and that the car was “running very rough”. Just an excuse, maybe? I don’t know really, but they tried to make up for it by at least starting the engine and giving it a few revs… talk about loud! And smoky! Yes, it did actually look like the car was running very rich, and it gave off a nice big backfire which sent the girls running for cover… quite amusing. Well, it was great to see a heavily modified R32 GT-R once again, and it was made all the more memorable by the owner and staff of GT Shop Endless being so friendly. Amkread run a drag racing series over at Central Circuit, and GT Shop Endless are regular participants, so we might see this deep purple R32 GT-R in action in the very near future.

Engine Tune:
Trust T88-34D turbine, HKS 2.8L kit, HKS metal head gasket, HKS oil pump, HKS 290 degree (in)/300 degree (ex) camshafts, HKS strengthened valve springs, large capacity oil pan, polished aluminum GT Shop Endless surge tank, 90mm Infiniti Q45 throttle body, Trust 4 layer intercooler, GT Shop Endless original intercooler piping kit, Trust 16-row oil cooler, GT Shop Endless 3-core aluminum radiator, HKS F-Con Pro, Fujitsubo Super Ti exhaust system, Trust Profec B boost controller.

Driveline Tune:
Holinger 6-speed sequential gearbox, HKS ‘GD Clutch Pro’ triple plate clutch, ATS multiple disc rear LSD.

Aero Tune:
N1 front bumper, GT Shop Endless front lip spoiler, N1 side skirts, flared rear guards (30mm), N1 rear trunk spoiler, 3D Carbon GT wing.

Suspension/Braking Tune:
HKS Hipermax-Drag Coil Over suspension, AP Racing 6 pot calipers with 355mm rotors (front), AP Racing 4 pot calipers with 330mm rotors (rear) – complete AP Racing braking system with all lines, pads and fluid supplied by AP Racing.

Wheel and Tire Tune:
Buddy Club Racing QF alloy wheels in 18”x10” with Bridgestone Potenza RE540S 265/35-18 S-tires (front and rear)

Text and Photos: Justin Karow

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