As previously mentioned in our feature of Summernats Malaysia, There was a lucky draw held for visitors there and we got the invitation to cover the prize and awards ceremony. Walking through the gates into the JP Museo, where some of JP Motorsport’s founder Mr. JP Chin stores some of his absolutely gorgeous cars and also large collection of the rare American imports that were on display at Sepang over the Summernats weekend. This had to be one of the coolest awards ceremonies I have ever attended, doing away with all formalities and just being surrounded by the absolutely stunning machinery is an extraordinary experience.


Sepang and the Summernats event played host to an extraordinary amount of people, an estimated 45,000 patrons over the 3 day period and only a select few had won something from the lucky draw. Some other events that you probably wouldn’t see in Summernats Australia were where runners and cyclists made their way there to have a go at cycling or running on Sepang’s 5.5 kilometres of tarmac. Runners participated in the 11.8km Merdeka run, in conjunction with the celebration of Malaysia’s 57th independence day. Cyclists unite in attempts of setting an interesting record; The biggest Merdeka Bicycle gathering. This was an exciting event as Sepang plays host to major scale international events such as Formula 1, and people were given a magical opportunity to be on that same track doing what they loved.





Some of the prize winners were already present when I got there and they were pretty much pre-occupied ogling at the cars there, some of which they (even I!) have never seen before.


Dinner was served and shortly after the time to hand out the prizes came! everyone made their way downstairs to the main foyer area and the excitement was building up as everyone hustled into position.



A short welcome and introduction  from the Emcee was followed by a speech given by Mr. JP Chin himself, to signify a succesful closing to the first Summernats event of Malaysia.


Prizes for the consolation prizes, which included Ipads, Polar heart rate monitor watches and digital cameras were handed out.



The next segment of prizes were hercules bicycles and a sub segment of the bicycle category had the grand prize of an Avanti bicycle, which was a pure bred carbon frame race bike, its lightness demonstrated by the winner picking it up and thrusting it in the air!


Other cool prizes were some cool LED TVs.

11.2There was also a surprise award for the fastest person that was on Sepang during the car clubs parade, and the awards went to Tan Sri Azman Yahya, which was described light heartedly by Mr. Chin as “the fastest Tan Sri in Malaysia”.


The award of Best car club went to Lamborghini Malaysia which was recieved by C.E.O of Lamborghini Kuala Lumpur, Mr. Marcus Chye.


And finally the grand prize of the lucky draw; a brand new Impul tuned Nissan Sylphy was won by Ms. Chong Min Shih of whom is an avid runner who also participated in the Merdeka run. The event slowly drew to a close and participants lingered for a short moment to catch a few last glimpses of the exotic machines there, and whilst having a conversation with Summernats Project Manager Anthony, we somehow brought up the topic of the cars downstairs, and one particular car we talked about was one of the most famous Mustangs in the world, Eleanor from “Gone in 60 seonds”. Anthony then granted us a rare privilege of getting up close and personal with a legendary Hollywood super star car, and it was an exceptional sensation.


That’s all for this year’s coverage on the first exciting Summernats held here in Malaysia! Without a doubt, next year will be a blast.

Words – Eugene Chan

Photos – Eugene Chan



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