Holland. Known for it’s flowers, coffee shops and crappy summers.

The 28th of august was the date for a new event in Holland featuring the best in Superlap, Drift, Show & Shine and everything else the automotive scene in Holland had to offer. The circuit of Zandvoort was the home for the first “Fast Car Festival” and boy, was it a real Dutch summers day!

Because of the constantly changing weather, some Superlap teams needed to make a few last minute changes. In this case, the Jeroentje Tuning R33 needed to change from slick to semi-slick tires. With the slicks on, the car seemed more of a drift car instead of a Superlap weapon!

On the other hand, why not transform a drift car into a Superlap weapon? That’s exactly what Lennart Wanders did with his widebody S14A. He and his car can be found all over Europe performing in competitions and demo’s. With a completely worked RB26-DET (yes, single turbo!) under the hood, this thing is deadly in both drift and Superlap!

Quite the line-up… don’t you think?

And speaking of nice line-up’s, this one doesn’t look too bad either!

This wild looking Evo came over from the UK to compete in the Superlap pro-class. It even looks fast just sitting there! Not only does it look fast, it looks clean too…

See what I what I mean by clean?

There was also plenty to see on the paddock – with a selection of the finest cars in Hollands automotive scene invited to come and show off their rides.

I’m not a real Honda fan or something but when I saw this I instantly fell in love! Just clean and simple; a nice drop, time-correct set of rims and you’re good to go!

Honda fan or not, who doesn’t like a nicely done NSX?
I like the “less is more” look on this car! Volk rims + coilovers + carbon goodies = win!
It also sports a very fitting numberplate!

This Mazda 929 looked stunning! It looked liked it rolled out of the factory just yesterday.

This widebody Supra was a real eyecatcher! Not only does it look good, it has also got the power to match the looks. The twin turbo’s have been replaced with a single HKS T51BB turbo, HKS 3.1 litre kit and nearly everything else from the HKS catalogue. For a complete speclist click here.

Most of the drift cars used in Holland are BMW’s but luckily more and more drifters decide to switch to Japanese brands. One of the nicest drift cars of the day was this Bee*R334 sporting a very bright paintjob! It realy stood out among the rest of the drift cars!

There was also an attempt to reach a world record! At the end of the day the Subaru Club tried to get as much subaru’s on the circuit as possible. A big part of the paddock was reserved just for the subaru’s and as you can see the scooby’s were well represented!

As you may have figured out by now i’m a sucker for a nice and clean presented car.
This STI fitted right up my alley!

I’d like to conclude part 1 of my coverage with an important message!
There are voices rising in Germany to close “the green hell”. I’m talking ofcourse about the Nürburgring! It would be a shame when this beautiful peace of automotive history is closed or worse; destroyed!
So please go to the site and sign the petition to save the Ring!

More to come in part 2 and don’t forget to visit us on Facebook!!

Words and Photo’s – Allard van Grafhorst


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