Let’s continue our coverage of the Fast Car Festival 2011! In part one, I mentioned some things Holland is famous for, but I forgot to mention it’s skies! The constantly changing weather made fore some nice backgrounds and at times the sky was as beautiful as I’ve ever seen it. The famous Dutch painters of old would be jealous!

A little Honda family gathering. The white Civic had a very aggressive stance! The blackened intercooler gives a little hint of all the mods hiding under the hood. I love the “sleeper” presence of this car!

At 7Tune we focus of course on the Japanese side of things. But the Fast Car Festival had more to offer than “just” Japanese cars! These two Italian stallions for example…

…or perhaps the Koenigsegg CCX is more your style? This thing drew a real crowd and it sounds just as sexy as it looks! The chorus produced could easily competed with the loudest Superlap cars present that day.

I’ve seen plenty of carbon parts, but this Mazdaspeed carbon wheel was a first for me…

A Subaru masked as a tank or a tank masked as a Subaru? It looked good either way!

The design of the BNR32 never grows old.

An almost pefect replica of the famous Motul Civic SI racer build in the late eighties. This car is well known among Honda fans in Europe. It even sports the exact same side exhaust as the original.

One finely presented S14. I wouldn’t have done it any better myself!

At this point, the skies threatened to open up again. Luckily, it stayed dry and the clouds sure made for some epic shot opportunities. The sky was almost as grey as these two beautiful ladies. I just could not choose which design I liked better! The S2000 or the S15? Which would you choose?

After I took this shot, the car drove off and to me, it sounded funny; almost like it was saying “nom nom nom” Tasty indeed! 😀

Sometimes, a pic says more than words.

Some more S2000 goodness. One track inspired, the other a stanced; both hardparking. Most of the cars you see in my coverage are low but no bellyscrapers. That’s because in Holland we have speedbumps everywhere and I do mean everywhere. There’s even one at the entrance of the circuit paddock.

A very rare site in our little country is the BNR34, let alone a V-spec II model! I love how aggressive the design of this car looks even without modifications. There’s not a whole lot you can do to improve the overall look of this car.

Since this event i’ve been falling in love with oldschool Honda’s. Just like the perfect example in part one this was also sporting a set of time correct-wheels and a nice drop. But I just can’t decide if I like the hatch or sedan better!

Two of the finest Holland has to offer! I’ll save more of the Stagea for a spotlight, because I know you guys love your Stag’s!

A very cool alternative to stickerbomb your car. You don’t want to much sticker on the outside of your car? Put them under your bonnet! The S14 was real work of art – sporting an RB25 with topmount turbo it produces about 450BHP.

So that’s it from the Fast Car Festival. A very cool new event with plenty to see, plenty to do and as you can see in Mathieu’s video a great variation in cars! It’s bye-bye for now but we wish to greet you on our Facebook page! – The Ultimate JDM Experience Since 2005

Words and Photo’s – Allard van Grafhorst


  1. You do realise that the last pic is Pedobear? Guess this ride’s not for children. (or for Pedobear it IS for children…)

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