Last year’s Formula drift venue really took a toll on many of the cars, but this year’s venue is of a more driver friendly surface with a challenging layout, with a long straight that allows for a high speed entry into a series of S-Shaped corners. For this round of Formula Drift Malaysia the course is tarmac which is a more a familiar type of material for the drifters therefore placing them all on an equal level in terms of the battlegrounds; everyone has the chance to clinch the championship spot and it all boils down to their individual skills. Another sub event, the 36BOL.com Nations cup was also held; with pairs of representatives from each Country competing together, and the winners for that event was Manabu Orido and Daigo Saito from of course, Team Japan.

This year round there weren’t many participants, with only 26 drivers in the top 32 battles which resulted in several walkovers. Nevertheless, it was good to see the familiar faces and big names of drifting here in Malaysia again, the likes of Japanese Drift meisters such as Manabu “Max” Orido, Robbie Nishida and the crowd favourite; Daigo Saito who ran an upgraded car as opposed to his previous Altezza, The rather unusual IS250 Convertible. As unusual of a choice as it is, Daigo managed to master it with utmost aggression and precision ousting strong competition and emerging the champion of the weekend and along with the other professional drifters created a competitive aura among all the drivers, which really packed the day with such excitement, attracting the crowd to stay regardless of the sweltering heat.

Daigo’s Lexus was one of the cars that suffered the least collisions and was able to maintain its pristine condition even after heated battles between other fierce contenders.

Manabu “Max” Orido with his unmistakable RSR Supra, who emerged runner up at the end of the weekend and was another of the drift superstars the crowd was anxious to see in action.

Many local drifters participated, representing Malaysia with pride and putting up a strong fight against the foreign drifters. One of the more popular drifters that participated was none other than Tengku Djan Ley, who has participated in the prestigious D1GP and the Formula Drift series in the USA and obtaining runner up in Formula Drift Qatar. He was 3rd place winner of the weekend at the helm of the M7 Bridgestone Silvia.

The only team from Thailand competing in Formula Drift Malaysia is Team M150 Storm, with their classic yellow and black colour scheme and they put up a tough fight; with the car colours symbolic of a bee, really giving meaning to floating like a butterfly and stinging like a bee with graceful yet aggressive driving styles that really made scrutiny from the judges quite difficult as there was a display of such high level of skill from all competitors.

Now let’s take a closer look at some of the exhilarating action that went down over the weekend!

Here’s Robbie Nishida in the Achilles Toyota Chaser, a more powerful option compared to the 180SX he was piloting at last year’s round.

Tan Tat Wei piloting the Goodyear Toyota Sprinter, nicknamed by one of the fans as “the lawnmower” because of its high revving engine and compact size!

There was such an exotic mix of power; from AE86 “lawnmowers” to this; Yoong’s notorious V8 R32, one of two V8 beasts on the track with such an orgasmic soundtrack.

The other beast on the track was the Falken S15 that also packed a V8, driven by Jansen Tan from Singapore.

Silvia’s proved to be the most popular drift machines, with at least one in use from each respective country. Here are pictures of a few of them in action!


Some tandem action when the knockout rounds are happening; here’s the Goodyear S14 going against Josh Boettcher from Australia in the GT Radial S15.

Drifting is arguably the most exciting way to burn tires down to its limits, if not the most artistic way.

One thing that motorsports events can never be without is the presence of beautiful race queens. Their friendly personality and mesmerizing beauty certainly added spice to an already very hot weekend.

The standings for the weekend:

Champion: Daigo “The Ninja” Saito

Runner up: Manabu “Max” Orido

Second Runner up: Tengku Djan Ley

Third Runner up: Emmanuel “Dio” Amandio.

Top 10 qualifying drivers of the weekend are as follows:

#1 – (MAL)Tengku Djan Ley

#2 – (MAL)Ser Meng Hui (Ah Fai)

#3 – (IND)Emmanuel Amandio (Dio)

#4 – (JPN)Daigo Saito

#5 – (IND)Demas Agil

#6 – (MAL) Ivan Lau

#7 – (JPN) Manabu Orido (Max)

#8 – (MAL) Yoong A.

#9 – (MAL) Kevin Rajoo

#10 – (THL)Non


That’s Formula Drift Malaysia for you 7Tuners, Hope you’ve enjoyed the read!

Words – Eugene Chan

Photos – Eugene Chan.



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