With the release of the newly anticipated Forza Motorsport 4 on the Xbox 360 console Zen Garage hosted a Forza night at their new warehouse space in Sydney, Australia. It was an industry night and we at 7Tune were there to bring you coverage of the whole event.

The guys from Xtreme Sim Gear were there with two of their Next Level V2 Simulators which offered us the chance to experience playing Forza 4 with a Fanatec Porsche GT2 wheel with the matching Fanatec Clubsport pedals.

It was such a big difference playing with the wheel compared to the controller as it a lot more difficult but that’s what made it so much more fun as people were getting serious with the game as the night went on when they tried to get faster and faster lap times.

Microsoft was there in full support as copies of Forza Motorsport 4 were given way FREE on the night.

What would an industry night be without some alcohol and The Malt Shovel Brewery had the event covered with a generous amount of James Squire which somehow made it through the entire night.

Zen Garage’s fridge representing, we’ll be getting a 7Tune sticker on that in no time!

Being a time attack type of competition forming it was only suitable that Tsukuba Circuit was the chosen track for the entire night and if you didn’t know Tsukuba Circuit at the beginning of the night, I’m sure you would have by the time it ended as everyone was pushing harder and braking deeper into every corner trying to find precious time to beat the guy that was next to you.

Also set up on the night was Forza 4 running on a standard console, this was chill out area for those that were waiting to get on the simulators. It was also a nice chance to chill and chat to some of the other people at the event too.

With two simulators running at once, everyone suddenly got drawn to only one as one of the guys set a time of 54 seconds in a Radical around Tsukuba Circuit which is a blistering quick time. It was then that everyone else tried so hard to match it.

Even the office was empty as everyone was itching to give it a go in the Radical, with people lining up and calling shotgun, or finding out who was next to face the challenge just to line up behind them.

While all that was going on I decided to have a quick look around and with Justin Fox’s immaculate Nissan R32 GTR on display it didn’t disappoint at all.

Taz’s Maxda MX5 rolling on some period correct SSR Star Sharks.

Zen Garage’s own project FD RX7, we can’t wait to see what the guys will transform this car into.

Another project that the guys at Zen Garage have going on is their Deathtrap Project, from the photos you can see why it’s called Deathtrap Project.

These posters injected some art into the warehouse space and was a nice contrast to the rest of the warehouse which was quite automotive related.

Zen Garage’s bookshelf where you can find a large variety of Hyper Rev magazines, Initial D DVDs, RC Toys and so much more.

Tha Tith Brothers were also in attendance and doing their thing. Check out their video of the event at the bottom of the page.

I managed scored myself a copy of Forza Motorsport 4 and I’ve been glued to my Xbox since.

A big shout out goes to the guys at Zen Garage for putting together such a great event and for letting us come along. I had a blast and look forward to attending future events held by the crew at Zen Garage.

ZEN garage launch of Forza motorsport 4 from Kim Tith on Vimeo.

Tha Tith Brother’s coverage of the event.

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Words and Photos – Steven Le


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