The title of this write up can in no way be more literal, as several thousand Honda enthusiasts gathered at the home of Malaysian Motorsports, Sepang International Circuit. This event was a congregation of owners and car enthusiasts in celebration of one of the most iconic automotive JDM brands in the world and also one of the most famous power units in the world, with 14 million VTEC units built every year, I mean, who doesn’t know the Honda brand and there were Hondas for as far as the eye can see. Honda are one of the pioneers of Dual Overhead Cams technology with the VTEC engine proving to be a true game changer in terms of performance and fuel efficiency. On the way there I was thinking to myself, “how am I going to go about this day.. Its just gonna be a bunch of riced out Hondas and that’s it”. Boy was I wrong. People in Malaysia take Honda tuning very seriously, A lot of them are built to optimum reliability and have very stylish add ons albeit the occasional distastefully modified one, that is an unfortunate banal occurrence as “ricing” out Hondas was a trend at a point in life, partly- no, solely due to the appeal of the Fast and Furious movie. There is just something about a couple of thousand Hondas all in one place, as on a usual basis one would easily overlook one should it pass you on the street unless its owner engages the signature VTEC scream.

DSC_5049 copy

Attendees literally were pouring in through the gates from Near and far from all walks of life with Hondas of all types.

DSC_5422 copy

A lot of attendees came in their respective clubs, and this was the Euro R Accord group awaiting entry into the already packed arena.


DSC_5398 copy

DSC_5394 copy


One of the most popular Hondas in existence are the Civic and while walking around it was really nice to see all the generations in one place, allowing one to compare the changes that have affected the car’s styling over the years. Also an extremely popular culture among Honda owners was the notorious Kanjozoku lifestyle, originating from Japan’s Kansai region on the Osaka Loop.

DSC_5391 copy

One of my favourite engines in existence are the B series engines which can be found in the Civic type Rs in the 90’s and the CRX. I love the fact that it is an engine that can take an absolute trashing and beg for more, and that pronounced secondary cam engagement is really something else.


While walking around the flea market and exhibition area I felt a sense of pride and gladness in Malaysian tuning culture, that people nowadays are rapidly becoming more and more interested in old school tuning and restoration like these two first generation civics, that could’ve ended up in a scrap heap somewhere but instead were given a new lease of life and were just such a pleasure to the eyes.

DSC_5377 copy

This particular one was quite special; it is a replica of the Team Yamato SB1 first gen civic, that were raced in endurance races in Japan in the 80’s.

DSC_5369More contemporary models of hondas were there too (obviously) and some owners really don’t mess about when it comes to tuning; like FD embellished in carbon fibre bits.

DSC_5368The exhibition was so vast I literally had to hike up the hill that displayed the Sepang signage to grab a shot that portrayed the event’s size in all its entirety.

DSC_5363it really was quite nice to see

DSC_5352 copyThe bazaar area had your usual go fast parts and lubricants stuff on site.

DSC_5349 copyWhile talking to one of the organizers, a conversation that was started while in agreement that the heat was a massive pain in the ass he was telling me that they had 1000 goodie bags for people who were displaying their cars and they had handed them all out even before lunch time and there were still more and more cars and people pouring in. It was a massive turnout with about 5 to 6000 cars in attendance.

DSC_5346 copyThe more interesting of the exhibitors were the independent ones, selling parts salvaged from half cut units and some other brand new stuff.. most of which will probably be more affordable to purchase rather than from an established shop. I don’t know about the guarantee of the parts though, but haggling is definitely a possibility; which is a trademark of Malaysian culture.

DSC_5342The civic was built to be a car for the masses, and for that part it was for certain on that day. the amount of civics on display was just immense, never have I seen so many Hondas at a single time ever before.

DSC_5338 copyI was in the parking section for the EG series of civic and there were all types of styles; From hatchbacks to sedans and all the colours in the spectrum.

DSC_5283 copy

DSC_5159I was covering the event alone and unlike other people who decided to walk, I thought it’d be a better idea if i just drove up and down the whole stretch of the event which was split into several sections of Sepang and on my way to the other parking areas ahead I manage to grab a shot of this big group of EK hatches awaiting entry.

DSC_5270 copyUsually one would use the word “pouring” for liquid related things, like rain.. or beer.. but when I say there were Hondas pouring into Sepang, I wasn’t kidding.. there were Hondas left right and centre.


I guess one thing that makes this day interesting is being able to see the unity of Honda drivers, zero prejudice and accepting of every type of Honda enthusiast.

DSC_5201 copyOne Honda you don’t see very often anymore are the 3rd generation civics, one of the most famous 3rd gen civics being the Motul Mugen civic.


I have never seen this many accords in one place anywhere else in the world..

DSC_5114 copy

How could one overlook the Honda fit, irregardless of its size, their popularity as a choice of urban transportation is quite overwhelming..

DSC_5072 copyAnd an uprising model of Honda, one of the better looking hybrids available today are the CRZs.

DSC_5112 copy

Some cars there really stood out from the crowd, like this DC5 integra wearing a Mugen kit in a chilli red colour..

DSC_5097 copy

And there are the guys who prefer to blend in.. maintaining that stock look which is still very beautiful.

DSC_5091 copy

As I made my way back down getting ready to head off before I get blocked in from an endless amount of Hondas, as I am about to pass the entrance gates I see this.. more and more Hondas pouring in! even out on the highway entering Sepang there was a long queue behind this group of Hondas awaiting registration and entry. It was quite spectacular.




The most unique Honda there would definitely be this little fella.. talk about bringing a knife to a gun fight, but this was brought there by Honda Malaysia and this is the Honda N-One which is as about as interesting as a washing machine if you’re in Japan as this type of boxy little Kei cars are literally everywhere there. Down here in Malaysia though, with local brands pumping out their own versions of kei car washing machines this little Honda is still a rarity.

and on that tiny bombshell this concludes our coverage of Honda Day Malaysia! really glad to have experienced that and can’t wait to see this again next year.


words – Eugene Chan

Photos – Eugene Chan

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