The 10th of October 2011 marked a stepping-stone for the Honda community in Australia with the first ever Honda Nationals debuting at the popular Wakefield Park in Goulburn, 2 hours south of Sydney. Never before have there been so many Hondas sharing the same piece of tarmac at Wakefield or any other racetrack in Australia for that matter, there were a total of 52 Hondas that entered and even more that came to spectate from both New South Wales and Victoria.

Inspired by the EVO Nationals that was held earlier in the year at Eastern Creek Raceway, Benson and Jimmy of Backyard Performance got together a couple of months ago to start planning the event and they successfully made all this happen. Thanks to them, everyone enjoyed themselves immensely – both on and off the track.

Cars were sorted into classes depending on how modified their cars were and prizes were given out for winners of each class. The top 10 lap times were all sub 1:10s and around Wakefield those are very respectable lap times. This was great advertising for the drivers and their cars as well as the Honda Community, proving that FWD cars can also be very fast when compared to their AWD or RWD cousins.

While there was a large competitive aspect to the Honda Nationals, there was an even larger social aspect to it as well. Many members made the trip down to Goulburn the day before and shared cabins in town and had a nice dinner together on the eve of the event. Here you can see our friend Felix, who runs ClubITR.com.au, having a friendly chat with a member from Cars For Hope.

Come race day, everyone had their game faces on; chasing their personal best times or setting their personal best for those that were on the track for the first time. Everyone had a blast with prizes given out for the different classes as well as a lot, if not all the first timers, catching the racing bug. There were lots of friendly smiles all around which made it a great atmosphere to be in and it was a great opportunity for everyone to finally put faces to names that they’ve only encountered online before.

This very clean example of an S2000 came all the way up from Victoria – my favourite S2000 of the day.

It was also rocking a very funky boot design.

Also making the trip up from Victoria was Mike and his B20 powered EM1 Honda Civic. He also won for being the ‘Quickest Interstate’ car.

This little EG Civic was the quickest N/A car at the event. Built by BYP, powered by a K24 and piloted around Wakefield by Damien the EG set a time of 1:05.7.

Couldn’t have said it better myself!

Rolling on some quality Enkei RPF1’s and pulled up by the awesome calipers from StopTech on slotted rotors.

The quickest outright car was this Integra Type R that was packing a very nice K24 engine package under the hood and some very fat wheels under the guards. This was also a BYP built car.

Yonas from JDM Yard, a performance parts supplier in Sydney, was out representing as well. Sporting a new upgrade to the K24, it was his first time out since the upgrade and he placed 6th overall. We’re sure Yonas’ lap times will be dropping further in the near future after some fine tuning has been made to the car.

There were so many K-Series out at Wakefield that day, one was even hanging on this guy’s back!

B-Series engines are another popular swap in the Honda tuning scene although it seems as though they might be getting replaced in popularity by the K-Series engines not too long from now.

What a rare sight this was; a genuine Honda Del Sol SiR with only 8000km on the clock.

That’s right, 8000km! On the whole car, not just the engine.

Not all track days go smoothly, as Felix knows too well. His semi slicks exploded while he was going down the main straight, fortunately he made it back safely and his car is still good to go.

DC2 Integras are still a popular car among the Honda fans in Australia.

Eddie Shah brought his track-ready DC5 Integra Type S out to play.

Another clean example of a Honda S2000.

The day wrapped up with an awards ceremony for the winners. Here’s Benson announcing the prize getters. I’m sure he will be working hard on next year’s installment very soon and we can’t wait to get back out there to experience such a great event. Bring on Honda Nationals 2012 we say!

Here are the results for the winner of each class:

1st Unrestricted – BYP DC2R K24 S/C 1:03.2
1st Highly Modified – Nick Elson Ek K20 1:06.3
1st Semi – Modified – Narada S2000 1:10.8
1st Modified – David EG B16a 1:15.7
1st Restricted Modified – Sam DC2R 1:25

Most Improved – Ryan EG K24 1:14.1
Quickest Interstate – Mike EM1 B20 1:08.0
Quickest N/A – Damien EG K24 1:05.7
Quickest F/I- BYP DC2R 1:03.2

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Words and Photos – Steven Le


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