I’ve been looking forward to this event for a while and now the Skylines Australia Nationals 2011 is officially over and what an event it was! Listening to RB motors screaming all day around a track to a nice and quiet Show n shine the day after at Shepparton Showground was quite the contrast…

Skylines from across the nation congregated on Shepparton Friday afternoon, arriving for the track day on Saturday at Winton Raceway. I don’t think Shepparton was ready for the barrage of cars and hungry animals but we descended on it anyway and left our mark.

Bright and early we arrived at Winton Raceway and the weather gods had not been kind to us. Lots of rain and clouds which meant that the track was very slippery and bad news for a pack of angry skylines ready to unleash fury on Winton. Cars were put into 5 classes and prizes were handed out to the top 3 in each class.

Although it was bad weather, everyone was still getting their cars ready passing through scrutineering, putting fuel in the car, checking tyre pressures, removing unwanted weight, last minute repairs and suiting up for a big day.

The rain tested the skills of the drivers in the first few sessions and for many it was a first to be driving at Winton. Learning lines and braking points, it wasn’t long until many were getting faster and faster.

This S14 unfortunately blew a turbo gasket and had to leave early.

Crowd favourite and all around good bloke Russell Cunningham was putting on a show.

This R34 meant business.

What is becoming ever so popular now is to record lap times and take video to share with the community. SAU NSW’s go pro expert Eric Yamashita demonstrates a great angle here!

RedBus Racing had their R33 GTST Track car as well as there immaculate replica Winfield R32 GTR.

Import Monster were the naming rights sponsor and they had a trade stand where they were displaying many of the products they can bring in and sell.

Advan Australia were also sponsoring the event and were keen to sign up a few more people in the Advan Neova Cup.

Inside the cockpit of an R33 GTR.

This BMW E36 M3 was surprisingly quick.

Midnight Purple R33 GTR anyone?

John Richardson and his R33 GTST was spitting flames out all day!

R35 GTR Goodness was had by all!

Who doesn’t like an RB26 screaming!

As the day came to an end and many people were packing up, a lot of the people were headed to the carwash to get rid of the bugs and track dirt for Sundays Show n Shine. I would of followed them but after being awake for 36 hours straight and driving 8 hours to get there, I needed some sleep!

After awaking on Sunday morning we headed to Shepparton Showground and arrived to Skylines galore. Any import fan would have been frothing at the amount of quality Skylines that were on display.

Check out some shots from the Show n Shine below!

This Time Attack R33 GTR blew me away at how clean it was. Everything just “fits” together. Just right.

R33 GTST with some serious low!

RedBus Racing on display.

A white R34 GTR, AP Racing brakes and black Volk TE37′s. My dream!

That’s a fat ass!

AMPerformance cars were great over the whole weekend.

All the important peeps on the window!


Need i say anything?!

Negative camber and an RB25 transplant? Should of come like this from the factory!

A big thanks must go to Ash Cosgriff for organizing the entire weekend of fun filled events and to all the sponsors. This event will be bigger than ever next year and with a lot more planned already, you don’t want to miss it!


1st Russell Cunningham – #5
2nd Luke Distanislao – #86
3rd Troy BRISBY – #3

1st Chris Thomson – #36
2nd Andrew Richmond – #2
3rd Anthony Snelling – #97

1st Matthew Robinson – #539
2nd Ryan Probert – #38
3rd Manu Choudhary – #28

1st John Richardson -#17
2nd Martin Sullivan – #16
3rd Mark Pisani – #48

1st Chris Madden – #45
2nd Michael Eichorn – #14
3rd Vu Quach – #44

For the full results please click HERE! 


I.C.E. – Julian Tugwell
Concourse – Harsh Gupta
Best Track Car/$250 Traction Cash – Jason Vesty
Best Street– Sean Lloyd
Crowd Favourite – Russell Cunningham
Tough as Nails – Jerry
Intruder 2WD – Chris Starr
Intruder 4WD – Michael Garland
Best GTST – Alan Calleja
Best GTR – Chris Sama
Best GT – Abdulkader Fakhouri
Best Stagea – Jonathan Van Leeuwen
Best Silvia – Matt Karlsen
Best Zed – OD11
Best 31 – John Croxford
Best 32 – Vu Phan
Best 33 – OD12
Best 34 –  Daniel Chin
Best 35 – Jon Evans
Best V35 – Antonio Di Vona
Best Pre ’86 – OD6
Best Bodywork – Daniel Chin
Most KMs Travelled – Ian Swinkels – Who travelled 3,700km’s!

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Words and Photos – Kory Leung


  1. Great post Kory! Love the shot of that black R34 getting a little sideways coming out of the corner.

    OH and thanks for the tip rb, link should be working now. 🙂

  2. Awesome review Kory, love the pic of Vu’s R34 GTR. Perfect!

    Next year will be bigger, longer and simply more awesome! 😀

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