The Kuala Lumpur International Motor Show is back this year in full force, with an extensive 10 day showcase of cars from the past, the present and the future held from the 15th of November to the 24th of November. It has been a long while since my last motor show visit and this is certainly a refreshing experience to see such an eclectic mix of cars on display, with a stronger emphasis on hybrid and electric technology cars, even having 2 popular hybrids available as lucky draw prizes. The reason for this influx of environmentally friendly vehicles is relevant to the theme set for this year’s show, which is “efficiency in motion”.



Toyota’s line up of vehicles on display was quite diverse, with unusual concepts like the Fun-Vii concept, a car sporting LED screens for body panels. The car however, that attracted the most attention at the Toyota and Lexus display area was not a hybrid, but one of the most sensational Super cars of all time, the Lexus LF-A. This will be the first time I’ve seen one of these as a production model, and with only 500 made in the world this was really quite a special moment.



As the car oscillated slowly and steadily on a raised rotating platform everyone really got a chance to look at the finer details of such a spectacular technological entity and no one seemed to want to release the car from the clutches of their vision; the one thing that caught my eye was the huge carbon ceramic brakes with the electric blue caliper, Stunning.


Right next to the Toyota and Lexus display area was Volkswagen; with one of the most iconic hot hatches on the market and the latest hot hatch offering of VW; the mark VII Golf GTI.


Subaru’s display area was quite a substantial size, which is necessary to accommodate the new cars that they’ve released recently such as the BRZ, Impreza, forester and XV. At their booth was also a transparent mock up of their signature boxer engine and showcases how it sits in a car’s frame.


It was really great to see how the best of both drive trains in the Subaru stable are showcased side by side especially in the signature Blue colour.


Beside the WRX and the BRZ is this; a more sensible option, the Legacy.


The Infiniti display area was beautiful; their design of the booth truly symbolizing what Infiniti is; a very luxurious and sleek brand. There was some hype about their launch of the Q50 and once I saw it for real I could finally understand what all the hype was about, it is a very beautiful car.


Right next to Infiniti is Honda; and on display is this, the craziest sports Hybrid to date, the Mugen CRZ –RR and it is a well established fact that anything that Mugen puts a badge on will be guaranteed to be mental. I have always liked the CRZ but this one is definitely the ultimate; 50mpg when you select eco drive, 0-60 in 6.6 seconds, almost 200hp, 158lb ft of torque all weighing in at about 1080kgs.



Sadly, this insane hybrid is a concept and will not be making production, but fingers crossed, let’s hope Honda change their minds.





On stage at the Honda booth was the EV-STER which was debuted in the Tokyo motor show 2 years back. This has been confirmed for production in the near future and has been speculated to be a revival of the sports compact car, the very iconic compact sports model, the Honda Beat.



Some absolutely cool stuff was on display and this is definitely cool; It is the Tommykaira ZZ. This car is something I’ve only seen in video games and computer screens but to see the real thing was quite surreal.




In the next hall is the tuner and exotic car display area, with many usual favourites such as fairladies, Evos and GTRs on display. Most of them were absolutely decked out with flashy body kits and stickers, with a contest running for “most favourite”.


This evo was very popular among visitors and its not difficult to see why; It is sporting an aggressive Varis body kit with carbon fiber trinkets everywhere and it just looks like it is ready to tear up the racetracks.



Also part of the motor show was a display of out of this world customized cars and this is certainly one of the more insane ideas; a terminator/zombie action kill MPV.. Definitely an acquired taste.


The Toyo Tires booth had on display a car showcasing their latest tires and this was a car that is celebrating the biggest hype of the year, the 86. this particular 86 is the Scion FR-S which is the American version meaning it is left hand drive. This car is dressed in the Rocket bunny Kit and Rocket bunny are well known for creating some of the craziest custom made wide body kits straight out of Japan.


There were also F1 cars on display with a couple of simulator driving sets set up with prizes to be won. There was undoubtedly much to see and do for everyone. In the same hall was a substantial mix of American classic metal on display and up till that moment I had no idea so many American classics had existed in Malaysia!




Right at the end of the epic journey through the KL International Motor show the Hyundai and Ford display areas were the final stop and the minute we walked into the hall a metallic blue shimmer caught our eye and when we turned to look at it there was no mistake; it was one of the most well known American performance cars to date, the latest Shelby Mustang. In accompaniment with the car was one of Malaysia’s most iconic models, Felixia Yeap of whom is also Malaysia’s first and only playboy bunny.

The Kuala Lumpur International Motor show was a great experience as a whole and I was quite surprised  to see many of the Major brands in the automotive industry absent; brands like Mercedes Benz, even Local brands in Malaysia like Proton were no show but all in all, the motor show was diverse, well thought out and certainly a treat. This concludes our take on the KLIMS 2013, but before we go there is one more thing; the girls of the motor show that are absolute eye candy.








Words – Eugene Chan

Photos – Eugene Chan

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