Sepang plays host to yet another world class racing event, the Lamborghini Blancpain Super Trofeo one make race luxury sports car maker Automobili Lamborghini and Swiss Haute Hologerie legend Blancpain. and it was a spectacular weekend of racing. It was also the final location of this International race series, with drivers congregating at Sepang Internationl Circuit from Europe, The United States, and Asia battling it out for a podium spot in 3 classes, AM class, PRO-AM class and PRO class respectively.


Despite being a familiar track for Asian drivers, the Sepang International Circuit continued to surprise. Sharing the track with European drivers also in Sepang for the 2014 World Final of the Lamborghini Blancpain Super Trofeo meant that Asian drivers had two intense races in one day, the second of which was preceded by a tropical ‘blessing’ – a quick thunderstorm that delayed the start of the second race and changed track conditions, putting even greater pressure on drivers fighting for first in this,the sixth and final round of the Super Trofeo Asia.


The first race of the day saw impressive performances by several gentleman racers. Toshiyuki Ochiai (#212), who started in pole position 7, steadily made his way through the pack to land in the top three by the end of the race. Another solo amateur racer, Andrea Garbagnati (#206), added to the excitement by suddenly coming up from behind toward the end of the race to earn his place on the winner’s platform. One surprise was absence of Chinese favorites Max Wiser and Jiang Xin (#209) from the winner’s platform, having dropped out just after lap 12.


LibertyWalk or LB Performance are one of the world’s most renown makers of eccentric body kits that have been adorned by some of the most exotic Supercar brands in the world and Lamborghini are one of them. Here are one of the cars cooling down in the shade of the paddock, sporting a military themed paint and livery scheme.


Before the last and final race of the day that will determine who will be the champion of this world series, Lamborghini owners had the opportunity to take their beloved cars on Sepang for a parade. Car owners from as far as Singapore made their way down to join the ranks of local Lamborghini owners and if you thought one Lamborghini is amazing, try more like 60; an absolutely mesmerizing spectacle.


As the saying goes, “respect your elders”. This Countach was the oldest Lamborghini there, but among its younger more aggressive looking counterparts, They are truly equal in terms of that signature Lamborghini eccentricity, That unmistakable super car / attack drone look where if you render a Lamborghini with missile launch systems and a hood mounted machine gun, it would actually seem normal.


Before I made my way to Sepang I had already seen countless images of this astounding machine on the internet, with only 4 in the world I had to grab shots of it by hook or by crook. This car that is all the hype in the automotive world nowadays is none other than the Lamborghini Veneno, and you really cannot spell “HYPERCAR” without “HYPE”. Costing a cool $4.1 Million U.S. Dollars, this is the world’s most expensive car and being in its presence it truly was a very special moment.



Mishaps and crashes are part and parcel of motorsports and it is unfortunate that I have to report that there were one or two problems for some of the teams over the weekend. One of the bulls had veered off track so much that it literally ended up eating grass.


During the prelude of the races Mr Stephan Winkelmann; CEO and President of Automobili Lamborghini gave his inaugural speech and other VIPs of the day were present as well. The top dogs of Blancpain and Lamborghini were all present to oversee the race and for prize giving ceremonies, but one special highlight of the day was the launch of the Lamborghini Hùracan LP-620-2 Super Trofeo, the incoming predecessor to the current range of Gallardo Super Trofeo race cars. We stuck around for its epic shake down at Sepang, Photos later in the article.


While waiting for the final race to begin I also went for a quick stroll around the parking area where the Lamborghini owners have parked their cars. I was utterly dumbfounded when I saw this car: it is an Aventador wearing the LB performance body kit. This kit is probably one of the more subtle ones they make, no wide body and more of a complementary approach, where the kit flows and complements the original Lamborghini styling.



Also trackside we were lucky enough to catch a glimpse of some behind the scenes, where the grid girls were receiving their final procedures before heading out on to the track. Mr Winkelmann was also monitoring every aspect of the race, braving the tropical sun to see everything is alright.



The Safety car for the races is the latest offering from Lamborghini the Húracan. The marshalls had left the doors open which allowed for me to grab an opportunity at taking a more intimate look at the interior. That Fighter jet styled engine start switch has to be my favourite feature of the interior and If I were behind the wheel of this beast it would truly unleash my inner child, making sounds like as if I were in in a scene from Top Gun.




Soon after the final 10 minute marker went up and we made our way to our respective sniping spots and the races began. A whole group of race bred racing bulls rushing towards you wrestling each other for pole position is something you will remember for the rest of your life.



Perhaps the most stable team in this race was the Japanese duo of Yasuyuki Uchida and Tomonobu Fujii (#223), who remained in either first or second for much of the race only to fall from grace in the very last lap, overtaken by two of their compatriots including Toshiyuki Ochiai (#212), who gave another stellar come-from-behind performance. However, the latter half of this race was undoubtedly dominated by favorites Max Wiser and Jiang Xin (#209), who decidedly took hold of the first place position in lap 12 and held it until the end. Following their taking of the Super Trofeo Asia series championship after Shanghai and bolstered by their strong win in this race, Jiang and Wiser are primed for the World Final, both of them seeming to have no doubt, as they came off the winner’s block following race two today, that they would make podium on Sunday.



Throughout this year’s Lamborghini Blancpain Super Trofeo Asia series of races, gentleman drivers have shown that they have the passion and technical skill to truly compete in a serious racing environment. The Lamborghini one-make series is a testament to how one man’s passion to make a car that he loved can result in a luxury super sports car with a level of technical excellence and sheer power that is on par with any racing-class automobile.



With the final conclusions of the race all winners and VIPs gathered for a group photo opportunity and of course, the ultimate element of being on the podium other than receiving the trophy is the champagne showers.


With the conclusion of the races we stuck around for our most anticipated moment of the day, awaiting the latest Húracan Super Trofeo to embark on its shake down treatment. We waited for quite awhile and once we saw it and from the shots I got, the wait was truly worthwhile.


DSC_8629 copy

Perched on our corner of choice while waiting for the car to make its way back into our line of fire we were contemplating about its styling; what does this car look like? And one of my friends said “toothless”. Toothless is a dragon from the very popular animated film “how to train your dragon”. The resemblance lies in the front façade of the car the LED day lamps and aggressive aerodynamic styling paired with a smooth matte grey paint and massive spoiler makes it look like a fire breathing dragon. This is our first time covering this race and it has truly been an absolutely memorable day, big thanks to Automobili Lamborghini and all organizers for making this possible and this concludes our coverage of the Lamborghini Blancpain Super Trofeo World Final at Sepang International Circuit.


PRO-AM Category
#211 Hironori Takeuchi / Masami Kageyama
#223 Yasuyuki Uchida / Tomonobu Fujii
#269 Zen Low Suan Chuan / Afiq Yazid

AM Category
#212 Toshiyuki Ochiai
#206 Andrea Garbangnati
#296 Michael Chua


PRO-AM Category
#209 Max Wiser / Jiang Xin
#211 Hironori Takeuchi / Masami Kageyama
#224 Dilantha Malagamuwa / Ken Urata

AM Category
#212 Toshiyuki Ochiai
#296 Michael Chua
#205 Manabu Hayashi / Akira Muzutani

Words – Automobili Lamborghini & Eugene Chan

Photography – Eugene Chan

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