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It was a beautiful sunny day in Sydney, Australia as it played host to the one of the best meets Sydney has ever seen; Showcased presented by THE-LOWDOWN.com. This was the perfect opportunity for enthusiasts from all over Australia to come together and share their love for cars, whether it’s a time attack machine or a show car on bags, this meet had it all. With cars from interstate driving more than ten hours to attend and workshops working overtime to get their car ready to be debuted at Showcased.

One of the main stars of any meet in Sydney is Nico’s Honda NSX, this car draws a crowd no matter where it is. As it pulled in people flocked around it and all I could hear was the sound of camera shutters going off like crazy.

Another attention grabber is the new Toyota 86 or also released as the Scion FR-S and Subaru BRZ. This red example looked like it rolled straight out of the showroom and into the meet.

The highly anticipated Toyota 86 was a great chance for people to get to finally see the car in person with everyone passing by and taking a good hard look at it.

Across from the Toyota 86 was this clean Corolla Levin rolling on Watanabes, which we all know is the predecessor of the new Toyota 86. It was a great sight seeing the two so close to each other.

I’ve always enjoyed the simple things in life and this sunkist orange RA28 Toyota Celica caught my attention with its clean and simple look. This car was probably one of my favourites from Showcased.

Keeping with the old school theme, Xtreme Motorsports brought this rare first generation Mazda Cosmo. This is only the second one I’ve seen in person, the first was at the Mazda Museum in Hiroshima, where you would suspect this car came from because it was in such good condition.

Not only were there old school Japanese cars in attendance but this immaculate BMW 2002 was just one of the many old school Euro cars at the meet. Just to clear up, this isn’t a 2002 model BMW, it’s actually an early 1970s model named 2002. This picture easily portrays the diversity of cars at the meet, an old school Euro parked next to a Honda Odyssey that’s scraping the ground yet there are smiles all around.

This BMW drove all the way from Victoria and its red Borbet Type A wheels still look fresh.

Another BMW from Victoria was this stunning E30 that was representing the Euro cars at the meet.

It’s not often you see a Honda Legend at these meets but Oxer’s Honda Legend is one of a kind and a personal favourite. The rebarreled Mugen M7 wheels topped off the car perfectly.

Who would have thought a Lincoln Town Car would have been spotted in Australia but this one was hard to miss. Just look at that thing, it looks more at home on the streets of SoCal but it didn’t fail to draw the crowds when it started bopping up and down.

Xtreme Motorsports were out in force with this turbo Honda S2000 and bright yellow Honda NSX.

Even in stock form the yellow NSX still looks just as good as Nico’s wide bodied NSX that we saw earlier. This might be the Honda fanboy speaking but I think the NSX is a gorgeous car in any form.

JDMYard‘s time attack DC5 Honda Integra made its debut in finish form. This car has been in the works for a while and we’re happy to see it in finish form. The interior is stripped out with a full roll cage and only a driver’s seat means that this car is chasing some serious lap times.

The DC5 paying homage to its supporters.

This Mitsubishi Evo 8, owned by Jason Naidoo, wasn’t shy to show off its accomplishments. A Clubsprint competitor at the World Time Attack Challenge (WTAC) last year sees Jason moving up to the Pro Class at this year’s WTAC.

SX Developments displayed their proven time attack Nissan S14 200SX Silvia.

The serious aero work of this car is all about function. The front splitter and rear diffuser are put to work rigorously at each time attack event.

Justin Fox, founder of JDM Stye Tuning and co-owner of Zen Garage, had his Nissan R32 Skyline on display at the Zen Garage/All Stars stand. It is arguably one of the best examples in Australia.

Jonno’s newly acquired MX5 Miata sitting on custom purple Work VS XX wheels, nicknamed ‘Betty’, is getting the attention she deserves.

This Toyota KE Corolla Wagon was also a rare site, rolling on mesh wheels and fender mirrors really top off the old school look of this car.

This VIP Lexus IS250 drove all the way down from Queensland, that’s dedication right there.

The ever so popular Nissan Skyline GTRs, featuring the recently imported Hakosuka Skyline.

Shout outs go to Ryan and Jason from THE-LOWDOWN.com and everyone else who worked behind the scene to make this meet possible. This is the best meet that I’ve attended in Sydney, with a large variety of great cars on display, trade stands and meeting new people. But nothing made me more happy than seeing this little girl follow her Dad around and helping him take photos of the cars all day. On the surface meets like these can be seen as being all about the cars but if you take a step back and look at it properly, you’ll see that there’s more to a meet than the cars.

One last thing; birthday wishes go out to THE-LOWDOWN.com for their 3rd birthday. That’s it from me, enjoy the rest of the photos and video from the guys at Mighty Car Mods.

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Words and Photos – Steven Le

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  1. Wow, it’s great to see coverage from a different country. You captured the vehicles beautifully and the write up was on point! 

  2. Where are the photos of the big cars? i.e. Hendra’s WRX, Sergio’s S15, KSR, Zomaya’s EVO, Z-Tune GTR & Nathan’s TRD Supra? 

    1. Sorry mate, some of them didn’t turn out as I wanted them too. I’ll make sure to get some better photos of them whenever they’re at an event next.

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