Super GT or 全日本GT選手権(Zen Nihon GT Senshuken), is no greenhorn in Malaysian automotive culture, as it has been hosted in Malaysia since 2000 and is back June this year, with an even more exciting line up of  activities in store for all ages namely an indoor all japanese products bazaar, the largest exotic supercar meet in Malaysia and an extravagant car show, which is evident that Super GT is not only about serious racing, but about serious family time as well. On the 9th of April a press conference was held to kickstart the 2012 round in Malaysia, and it was a grand affair and exceptionally star studded with various local talents and superstars attending as judges and guests and this lavish event was held in one of the most premium shopping malls in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, Pavilion KL.

In conjunction with the Press conference, various performances and the GT Queen Showcase was also held, with 18 beautiful contestants vying for the grand price of an all expense paid trip to japan to represent Malaysia in the GT Queen competition there.

A local percussion performance, to welcome the distinguished guests and VIPs and also to kickstart the event.

The GT Queen contestants going up one by one to pose and give a short speech on their personal interests with tough scrutiny from judges, of which some are local celebrities and models.


Mr Masaaki Bandoh, President of the Japan GT Association gracing the event with his presence.

The organizers of the Malaysian leg of Super GT are JP Motorsports, a private entity of which has a strong foothold in the automotive community and has a rich record of successful events held since its founding in 1999, namely the Millenium Merdeka Endurance race, and the biggest One Make Race Series in South East Asia, the JPM Integra cup, with a total participation of 25 cars. JP Motorsports is the first privately funded organizer, and 2012 will be their first year in full control of organizing Super GT.

The Founder is Mr Chin Jit Pyng (5th from left), and joining him on stage are the various sponsors of the event.

during the press conference the emcee announced that the GTR, CRZ and Blue Jackets club, an elite club consisting of mostly exotic supercars; were invited to participate. Excited to hear this i immediately made my way to the parking area, and would you believe it, it was like i went to heaven!

One GTR after another, the rumbling and echoing of pure beast in a tunnel like parking space is truly orgasmic.

And that’s all for this Mini installment of 7tune, with a press conference that is already this exciting, i cannot wait to experience the excitement in June when the racing begins! here’s a photo of the Super GT Malaysia GT Queen ambassador, the lovely Ms Lu Shan!


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Words- Eugene Chan

Photos- Eugene Chan


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