There are a few events a year that are highlighted in my agenda. Events like the Nürburgring 24 hours, Le Mans, Fast Car Festival, Goodwood and of course the traditional Wangan Warriors end of year meet! I named a few established events. But in Holland that’s exactly what the end of year meet is.  It’s something you don’t want to miss before the cold winter months start and there’s nothing to do.

It’s also an event where the finest rides in the Dutch JDM scene gather. This fine looking C210 Skyline has received a lot of TLC lately and it surely shows!

It was a pleasant surprise seeing this GT86 rolling into the parking lot! It’s the car everybody talks about and although the whole world has started modifying them, Europe seems to fall behind. This example sported a TRD factory kit and I believe the owner has more plans for it so let’s hope he inspires more 86/BRZ owners to do great things!

Only finished a couple of months but already a well known build in Holland and beyond: Misha’s 705bhp GC8 Time Attack build! I’ll go into more detail in a full feature on this beast build by Jeroentje tuning!

Stance, performance, VIP… you name it and it was there. Luckily the weather decided to co-operate as well.

I was pretty exited when Tim showed up with his “banana” Supra! The car is trailered to events at the moment but make no mistake! It’s fully functioning. The engine has just received a complete overhaul and Tim couldn’t find the time to get a fresh MOT on the car.
We got to hear run for a few minutes and I can tell you… It sounded like heaven. But what do you expect when the speclist consists of parts like Wiseco 87mm pistons, HKS conrods, Greddy T78-33D turbo with Greddy manifold and Greddy 60mm wastegate, Alcon front brakes, Hayashi centerlock 17″ wheels 9,5 front 10,5 rear and much, MUCH more but that’s something for a full feature!

The Mazda Miata/MX-5 is getting more and more popular in Holland. Not only us it a cheap car to start with but also pretty easy to modify. But for some owners it doens’t stop with a drop and a set of wheels!
Like “Filthy Penny” with her WWII inspired livery. The rusted steelies match nicely with the ladies dress.
Others are looking for a little more performance. In this case the owner opted for a Supercharger! I met Ludo, it’s owner, a couple of weeks before the meet and I can tell you that this little Miata goes like stink!

I would like to thank the guys from Wangan Warriors for yet another successful meet! Let’s see what 2013 will bring!

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Words – Allard van Grafhorst
Photo’s – Allard van Grafhorst, Rens Adams and Patrick Trießl

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