Wangan Warriors and 7Tune. It’s been a match made in Heaven from the get go! There was a strong connection between us ever since we met these guys. We tend to think the same about the JDM scene in Holland and Europe and their support towards 7Tune was unconditional from the beginning. So it was a no-brainer when Rens from Wangan Warriors asked me if we would like to team up with them for a meeting!

The date was set at the 2nd of June and we found a great location pretty quick; The Waalkade in Tiel (NL). Located at the banks of the river Waal it sure made for a nice scenery! That and we had free drinks for everybody attending this meet so we had high hopes that this would be a great event.

And we weren’t disappointed! Our “spamming” with flyers and on Facebook paid off! There where cars from Belgium, Germany and even Ireland like this sweet Evo!

This nice PS13 has only been registered in Holland for a couple of months. Sporting Origin wheels and Rocket bunny body parts the car sure looked sweet!

It was a ride more than worthy of a 7Tune sticker and the owner wasted no time sticking it on! You’ll be seeing more of this car in the near future.

There was no shortage in S2K’s, one even sweeter looking than the next one…

… like this already famous example from Rising Sun Performance! This sweet ride has one of the cleanest engine bays you will ever see and you’ll be seeing more of this car pretty soon!

No shortage in Skylines either …

… but I don’t think you can call that a bad thing! This example just had a complete rebuild just finished in the week before the meet so we where happy to see it attending our humble meet!

Another crowd pleaser was this Belgian Acura NSX which was absolutely spotless!

It only had about 56K KM on the odometer and it showed.

A regular visitor at the Wangan Warrior’s meetings is Renzo with is immaculate Impreza P1. He build a complete MY05 STI dash into his P1 among other sweet upgrades like the original Prodrive wheels. I’ll be following the this car closely so stay tuned for more!

The low sun sure made for a nice scenery and I wasted no time getting some shots!

It’s a good thing to see that next to sticker bombing people start thinking about proper sticker layout’s (and seeing 7Tune stickers of course) …

… like Vincent’s FD3S shows. Another fine work of art by the fine people at Stickerdump!

Wangan Warriors member Wesly just refurbished his Work Meisters and finished them only 2 days before the meet. They sure looked pretty on his already stunning Sileighty!

The good people from GT-Events graced us with a visit with their Evo! The car sports a livery for Fast Car Festival which will be held at the Zandvoort Circuit on the 17th of June. Make sure to stop by if you happen to be in the area!

The meeting was more than successful and it certainly isn’t the last time the Wangan Warriors and 7Tune will team up for an event!
A big thumbs up for everybody who attended our meet and a big shout out to all Wangan Warriors members but in particular to Rob and Rens! Thanks for everything guys! Keep the JDM scene in Holland and Europe rocking!

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Words – Allard van Grafhorst
Photo’s – Allard van Grafhorst and Rens Adams

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