There are days when you wake up and think; “Today is gonna be a good day!” The 25th of March was such a day. I was looking forward to this date for a couple of weeks, not only because of the great weather but more because of the fact that today was the first big JDM meet of the season! And as it was a meet organized by the Wangan Warriors I knew it was going to be good.

The meet started at 1pm but when we arrived around that time it became clear that a lot of people had already made their way over there. earlier that morning p.s – Can you spot the 7Tune photographer? (Sorry Mat!)

JDM cars kept rolling in from all over Holland. Most of them freshly washed and polished like this clean Impreza…

… or this well spec’ed S15 with a rather unusual engine swap! But more on that in a later article because Mat and I soon have a date with the lady owner of this beauty!

As always with events organized by the Wangan Warriors crew, the quality of cars present is impressive. These three cars only represented a little percentage of great cars that made it to the meet!

These guys made the trip to represent the Belgian JDM scene. And they did a great job with their well equipped Civics! Shining like new but in this case track prepped, with the left Civic sporting a stripped interior with full rollcage. I love the diffuser by the way! Looks like a DIY job, but correct me if I’m wrong.

Another great ride that made it was this sweet Zed! Not only did it look good from the outside…

… but it also sported some major engine upgrades! The owner installed a Greddy twin turbo kit and apparently the engine set-up is good for almost 600BHP! Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to talk to the owner but that’s definitely going to happen next time I spot this beast!

But the Zed wasn’t the only high powered car present! The yellow Supra you saw earlier in Mat’s write-up sported some serious grunt under the hood! The engine was finished just in time for the meeting with a fresh rebuild using forged components from HKS. Together with the Greddy T78-33D turbo and a lot of other goodies, the eninge is capable of over 600BHP on a safe setting.

But not only the big boys came out to play. This “little” Miata will sure make for a lot of fun with it’s turbo upgrade! I liked the stickerbombed headlight surroundings. It sure is something different!

Stanced Honda’s aplenty! Unfortunately the amount of proper stanced JDM material in the Netherlands isn’t that big because of all the speedbumps in our little country. But with all the stanced JDM material present you wouldn’t say we have a lot of these bumperkillers in Holland!

Another well presented Honda. This time a nicely done S2K. Nothing overdone, just right in my opinion!

I’m a fortunate guy – Why do you say? Cause I have some friends with some of the cleanest JDM rides in Holland! Like Ibi’s sweet Corolla levin! Unfortunately these cars a pretty rare site on Dutch roads let alone in this condition! Ibi treats his “Rolla” like it was his kid and it really shows!

A Wangan Warriors meet wouldn’t be a proper Wangan Warriors meet without Johan’s “Barracuda”! He is almost finished with improving his engine bay and when he’s done you’ll be the first to know if
you catch my drift!

Thanks to Inne from stickerdump we had the first batch of 7Tune stickers to hand out on this meet. The members from Wangan Warriors have been supporting 7Tune from day one and what better way to thank them than with some stickers! The guys where more than happy to put them on their cars straight away!

We’ll be covering some of their more than epic rides pretty soon so stay 7-tuned for more!

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Words and photos – Allard van Grafhorst


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    A very, very nice article once again boys! I enjoyed reading the story, job well done! Hope to see you soon!

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