The newest addition to the 7tune family is self proclaimed JDM culture protagonist Rowan McMahon from down under West Australia. His first post with us here at is centered around the recently held Winter edition of the Rising Sunday Japanese Exciting Car Show 2011 which he co-ordinated and co-hosted with his close friends, Jason Grigio and Socrates…

It was a screaming success and despite an unlucky number who were targeted by unscrupulous police just for driving their modified cars to and from the event, Rising Sunday proved so popular that Rowan and the team are already organizing a bi-annual event and with a turn out of over 500 cars, it’s got all the hallmarks of an epic long term success in the making…

What separates Rising Sunday from other car meets is that Rising Sunday gives JDM car fans from all walks of life; whether you’re into new, old, fast or slow, the opportunity to express yourself. It doesn’t matter to Rising Sunday.

To us, you’re a part of the community and are just as important as the next person.

If you’re a part of the scene in any way – the crew at Rising Sunday welcome you with open arms to attend the free event, enjoy a BBQ, catch up with old friends, meet new ones, partake in the various activites and listen to some dope beats while you’re at it.

Rising Sunday promotes unity within the huge tuning scene in West Australia and allows businesses to network with customers without the visitors feeling pressured to spend money. So what kind of cars rocked up to the event? Let me show you…

The innaugrial meeting got under way at 10am in Perth…

…with an endless stream of JDM goodness flowing into the reserve, one by one, over the next few hours.

And with the cars continuing to pour in, we simply lost count of them all but un-official estimates pegged attendance at over 500 vehicles!

Of course there were plenty of chances to get some shots of the action at all times of the day!

There were Skylines old…

and not so old…

..with even a former East Bear R34 GTS-R Demo car coming out for a play.

Some cars just like to do it lower than others, like this R32 sedan…

..hardparking like a Boss.

Not far down from it was this rather tasty looking 4 door ‘Line, clean as you like.

This Stagea 260RS is owned by Japanese Tuning godhand Jeff Ash – a wagon with a GTR engine!

Speaking of GTRs.. we were overflowing with them!!!

This shot of a JZX 100 Chaser shows you how far people are willing to go to scrape that asphalt – it was so low, it literally mowed the lawn


There were plenty of S-Chassis’ around and this S15 was definitely a standout among the selection. Sitting pretty.

Rarities like this Tommy Makkinen Lancer Evolution in pristine condition were nice to see, showing that quality at Rising Sunday is most definitely just as important as quantity.

Then, up the ramps came this down right gorgeous MX5 done up with a stance and look of the “New-Cal” style…

With a stance that needed to be appreciated and admired in Police State WA…

…the little NA Roadster was definitely a crowd favorite!

VIP was for the most part not very prevelant at Rising Sunday, however the quality of this JDM Celsior certainly made up for lack of quantity!!!

Unlike Japan, Australians have a choice of a combination of up to 7 letters and number for a license plate so some get REALLY creative with their custom license plates…

…while others just love to make perfect looking MK-IV Supras…

..and then stuff big high mount polished snails into them!

There were some cars with rough and nasty grass-roots style character..

…sitting right next to outright virgin clean Evo from Tokyo Motorsports appropriately nicknamed “TOKYO”.

We made no discrimination against Euro’s either and a few notable examples turned up on the day including this awesome E30 wagon sporting racks..

and its cutdown version brother, an E30 sedan.

Speaking of discrimination, a dishonorable set of events took place against the participants of Rising Sunday at the hands of the unscrupulous and underhanded Western Australian Police.

Despite the fact that everyone attending Rising Sunday did their absolute best to give the event the proper respect and treatment, as well as abiding by the laws in place, in a brazen and crafty set of events, the Police took it upon themselves to park outside the event in unmarked vehicles and then proceeded to ambush passers by in their modified cars.

These innocent people definitely have the right to feel victimized as they will now be required to spend even more money on completely unnecessary “repairs” as deemed fit by the local government according to antiquated and ill informed regulations.

The Police showed no remorse or shame in giving penalties to young automotive enthusiasts for the most pathetic of reasons such as the fitment of a blow off valve or an after market exhaust. In many cases police officers don’t even know the difference between one part installed and another showing a complete lack of technical automotive understanding and yet they hand these “defect” notices out like candy.

Any excuse is generally given to take whatever money they can from the pockets of these hard working enthusiasts. It is a truly embarrassing and deceptive thing for the police to do.

It’s brazenly obvious that their sole intention is to try and wrest as much money as they can whilst attempting to label these car enthusiasts that attended the event as dangerous, irresponsible young “hoons” and the cars they drive as deathtraps to public health and safety. They capitalize on this erroneous and bigoted view by using the ever willing local media to blow other situations out of proportion; situations that in fact had nothing to do with the event itself but rather a select few individuals in a completely separate incident.

Effectively what the police are trying to do, is paint the people you see in these shots “with the same brush”. It’s pure, unadulterated ignorance.

Rising Sunday received the praises from the local council on how well they handled themselves and the crowd that attended the event so with some serious and unwavering discussion combined with preventative measures, the next event will be free of unnecessary police intervention and everyone coming to the event can enjoy themselves in the way a weekend should be enjoyed!

That wraps up a gigantic PART 1 coverage of the Rising Sunday Exciting Car Show but STAY TUNED for Part 2!!

7TUNE – The Ultimate JDM Experience Since 2005

Words – Rowan McMahon and Adam Zillin

Photos – Darius Japit Photography, Rowan McMahon, DJFERRAZ Photography, LachlanRB20S13,, Gavin Host Photography


  1. I had to stop for a moment and than you guys for a great article and the amazing hi-res pictures. Keep the good Job
    By the way any pictures of that old school supra?

  2. Justin Attanasio

    Awesome looking event. Wish I had something even remotely like this near where I live. Look forward to more coverage guys.

  3. That E30 ‘Wagon’ is actually called a ‘Touring’, and that E30 ‘Sedan’ is actually a ‘Coupe’.

    Good article 😀

    1. Rowan Mcmahon

      Justin I doubt he would actually drive it like that.. I would most likely say he made it that way for the show only.. and besides – if you’re ON 7tune you’ll know that “form follows function” is just a different way of saying conservative and boring 🙂 Rowan

  4. Im 17 an got done for “excessively tinted tail lights” on a stock lude and now everytime it goes to pits it has another list of faults :/ and it miraculusly started spewing oil after the first visit, i have checked its usual parking spot and no oil there but now it drips like a tap >:/

  5. Was an awesome event,was really good to see all of the Perth JDM community all come together under the one banner and enjoy the day. I was lucky enough not to get stopped by the Police but I was shocked by the amount of cars that did get defected. Look forward to the next one and hopefully have a few more mods to the rex by then 🙂

  6. was a great day, looking forward to the next one, hopefully the lm will be a bit lower by then and get a look in on some of these great cars. The cruise up with 50 odd cars in a line was almost as great as the day.


  7. mitchsterbrau

    Hey, great photos.
    See that kid in the 7th photo down, well that’s my son. And boy did he get an education about the way local police treat enthusiasts with honest intent. The smiles that he wore on the way in were to turned to disbelief on the way out. Thanks so much for the time and effort guys, the whole day was success every car-load a voter, so we’ll just see what happens next election eh. Power to the people right on. 🙂

  8. Part 2 needs more RX-7s. MOAR! Shame no one seemed to get a photo of the special sticker on my windshield, that would have been funny to see =P

  9. Part 2 needs more RX-7s. MOAR! Shame no one seemed to get a photo of the special sticker on my windshield, that would have been funny to see =P

  10. I miss WA …… Such a great car scene over there. Bought my first performance car there about 7 years ago – Series 1 R33 GTST. Actually all my last cars there. Next a MY05 WRP10 (10 year Australia WRX anniversary) and my current 05 2.0l STi. Since WA ive gone Melbourne, now Sydney and moving to Brisbane in about 4 weeks. Looking forward to Queensland – similar car culture to Western Australia !! Heaps of JDM goodness 🙂

  11. Man you guys are soo lucky to own and drive all these awesome cars; no Skylines/Chasers here in California 🙁

    and props for even bringing some JDM girls lol goes well with the ride hahahaha

  12. I drive a slammed 240sx, every day i have a cop follow me to school or work…it blows, sometimes i end up having to circle around a big-rig to lose him, cops blow, never got a ticket in my life, all he wants to do is give me one, cops are fags, simple as that

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